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Default Rumble Battle! [eishiba's Game]

Hello there, people of PE2K! I'm MGS, and this game is eishiba's very own game idea that he posted in GID! He requested that one of us posted his idea with the rules and everything, so let's get to the possibly fun stuff!

Here's how the game works:
Originally Posted by Poster 1
Squirtle, use Water Gun to douse any remaining flames on the field, then Withdraw to protect yourself!
Originally Posted by Poster 2
Use Flamethrower to turn the water into steam, then take the chance to use Metal Claw!
Originally Posted by Some writer
Squirtle, seeing how the field was covered in flames, tried to put out the flames so it wouldn't interfere with it. Charmander thought that the burst of water was aimed at it, so Charmander spit out a large burst of flame to turn the water into steam. When Squirtle saw that, it hid in it's shell, boosting it's defense for any troubles to come. Charmander's claws became so hard, they seemed like metal. It ran as fast as it could and started scratching away at the shell Squirtle was hiding in, hoping to get results.
Originally Posted by Some mod
Squirtle has fainted! Charmander wins!
See how it kinda plays out like ASB? That's what eshiba was aiming for. Everyone can play this, but must use the Pokemon that are currently being used. This is...more (maybe) like the anime, where the underdog can win. Like Pikachu against Raichu. Bayleef against Houndour. Or was it Houndoom? Anyways, someone will post moves that the Pokemon can use (No TM's. Tutored fine, I guess.) and then the other poster will post moves the other Pokemon can use. And you can string moves like in ASB. Then, some writer will post a descriptive battle of the two, ending in a cliffhanger to see if the Pokemon will faint or not. Then, a mod like TE or me, I guess, will say which Pokemon will faint, if any will. Then, someone else posts using the same Pokemon from before. This continues until someone can't post in this thread because of it being locked or whatever. So, now, the rules. Here we go!

1. Follow all of PE2K's rules. (No spamming, flamming, trolling, etc.)
2. Different people must give the commands of each Pokemon. After round...1, for example, two different must post. On round 3, the people who posted in round 1 can post again, if they want.
3. You must wait until a mod declares a Pokemon fainted or not. If you post after the writer does, it will be considered void.
4. After one of the Pokemon faint, the other is the winner. The next set will be determined between us mods. Or freely. I dunno, I'll ask later.
5. The writer can be anyone, as long as they are decent and post something that is...well...descriptive of the moves. Like above.
6. Have fun!

You have the rules and examples, now for the real stuff.




Let's rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbllll llllllleeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, had to do that. xD)

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