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Juan Rivera
Miniera (PE2K)
Starwisher Sea --> Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: None

The thing that Juan Rivera's crew desired most at the moment was alcohol. Mid-voyage the crew had exhausted their supply, Juan having opted to carry more food, a necessity, than alcohol, a luxury. Unfortunately, the crew had felt otherwise, and to them any sort of spirit was necessary to the success of the expedition.

As such, some of the crew members had attempted a sort of alcohol alchemy in their off time, attempting to turn bread into beer. They had taken some of the rotten loaves and attempted to mash them up and mix it with water. The result was a putrid, foul tasting drink that made those who drank it sick for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, these efforts were abandoned two days after the last barrel of rum went dry, and while the men grumbled about the lack of libations, they were hardly mutinous. On the contrary, the sooner they reached Kibou, the sooner they could brew their own drinks, or better, take some from the Nomade who they planned to drive from the land.

Juan Rivera walked across the deck, making his inspections as usual. The men worked at a slower pace than usual due once again to the alcohol shortage, but they remained disciplined enough and could hopefully survive until the shores of Kibou came into sight. Juan Rivera moved to the bow of the ship, peering through a periscope at the horizon. No sign of land was to be had at the moment, but Juan knew that Kibou was close. He could just feel it.

Putting the periscope away, Juan walked back across the ship to his quarters, where he slept and kept a log of his travels. Grabbing a candle and lighting it with his tail, he placed it on his table and grabbed a quill and bottle of ink. He flipped to a fresh page in the manuscript, and began to write about the day.

Log Entry
6th Week At Sea

It is the morning of our 6th week at sea, which has, like the others, passed without much occurring. The crew has been surprisingly tolerant of our shortages at the moment, and I pray that they continue to be compliant.

There is yet again no sight of land, though I am almost positive we near Kibou. Good fortune has blessed us with a pleasant voyage, and we appear to be on schedule so far. Finding ourselves to be completely off course would be such a disappointment.

It is early right now though, so I shouldn't give in to such fears. Perhaps later in the day we shall finally have a glimpse of this fabled land. More than anything, Kibou is what sustains the crew in the place of spirits. Each of us has invested everything in this new world and what it may provide for us, and we shall see to it that we find success in our travels. May Arceus bless us with the outcome we desire.

Finishing this passage, Juan sealed the bottle and put away his quill. Having no more need of the candle, he blew it out and relied on his flame to provide necessary light. Making his way to his bedding, Juan made himself comfortable. In order to prevent himself from lighting the ship on fire, Juan wrapped tail around himself so that the flame rested upon his belly. He then placed his hands behind his back and dozed off.


"Land ahoy! We've spotted land!", Juan heard almost immediately after he woke up from his slumber. Rolling his tail of himself, Juan rose from his bed and moved to a weapons rack where both his arquebus and Valentía were standing. Placing the sword in its sheath and carrying his gun. Juan moved to the door and stepped outside. The Pansage who had spotted Kibou climbed down from the crow's nest and handed the periscope to Juan, who inspected the sight himself. There he saw the gleaming white sands of an island shore, almost assuredly that of Kibou. Grinning, Juan let out a hearty cry.

"Behold, our destiny awaits us!"
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