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Default [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

If you are looking to sign up for Dawn of Discovery, go here!

Alrighty then, before we start, I'm going to go over header format for this RP. When posting, you should have a header that indicates the following information:

Character Name
Character Faction
Character Location --> Location Traveled To*
Affected RPers**

*This is only necessary if you travel from one location to another during a post. If this is the case, the "Character Location" is where you started from and the "Location Traveled To" is where you ended the post.
**This indicates which character you are interacting with, if any. If you are not interacting with another character, just write "None" in this spot.

Now that I've covered that, you may begin posting. Everybody should start at sea approaching Kibou from the east. From this point you are free to navigate to whatever location you please.


Accepted Sign-Ups

Global Trade Station Plus

Scarlette Fierro (Amarantha)

Global Mercenaries

Richard Thompson (Flynt)
Robert “Dodger” Reinse (Flynt)
Arkady “Ark” Dragic (Flynt)
Mercy Burnstone (Dragonwish2)
Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove (Dragonwish2)
Vidar Omni Necro (Dan Magnus)
Annelise Chanceler (Rufa)
Jumaane 'Oldie Witherback' Mwani (Rufa)
Desi Della Sario (Kamaitachi)

Team Charge

Silver McLockhart (Silvar)

Pokemon Elite 2000

Juan Rivera (NES2)

The Skythunder Blades

Kuduz Valion (Latio-Nytro)
Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th (Latio-Nytro)
Abraham Ash (Sheepat)
Jacob Weber (Sheepat)
Nniuq Shamroucq (Metal Gear Snivy)
Solomon (narphoenix)


Luke Hersegoph (EVO 2)

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