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Wow, I'm sorry for the delay. Things on my end prevented me from responding earlier.

@Dragonwish2 - I read the sign-up and most of it is in order, but there is just a minor thing I should clarify. The Pokemon of Lurra share a common language, meaning they can understand one another, but have two forms of writing. Footprint, the former, is a sort of practical writing used in standard communication, while Unown glyphs are used in more official writings and documents. Basically, footprint is like an alphabet used by common people, while the Unown alphabet is used among the intellectuals and the upper class, and is kinda similar to Latin in it's usage.

But that is just a minor point made for future reference. Accepted.

@Ruta - That's perfect. Accepted.

@Silvar - Need I say more? Accepted.

Alright, I'm going to get the RP started too. Things came up yesterday, but I have time today to set up the thread. It'll be up within a matter of minutes.

EDIT: I'm moving the character profile directory there too, since the SU thread actually ran out of space.

SECOND EDIT: The RP thread is open. Get posting!

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