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((I am so pissed right now. I spent the last three hours working on this profile, only to have my account sign itself out when I clicked the 'post' button! Shitsticks! Well its like one a clock in the morning now, so this one will have to be shorter..))

Character Name: Annelise Chanceler
Pokemon: Crobat
Gender: Female
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: There is very little about Annelise that truly make her stand out from her fellow Crobat, as she wasn't born with any of the individual features that some pokemon seem to possess. There is some scar tissue in her upper left wing - though it doesn't seem to bother her flight - and she carry a small rucksack, carrying some berries, a pen and paper, and a knife for sharpening the pen. The bag is made by simple rawhide.

Character History: Annelise hatched as a creature to which there was no light, and to which sight was a thing she could never have imagined in her wildest imagination. Completely accustomed to a life in total darkness, like all Zubat she relied upon her echolocation for her 'sight' - she knew nothing else, and it worked perfectly for the cause of survival. She had hatched into a nomadic colony of Zubat and Golbat. They moved in the wilderness, being able to rely upon untouched nature for whatever needs they had for themselves. They went on, never stopping anywhere for more than a week, and encountered few creatures more than once. They were safe during the night - few things could threaten their numbers, and consequentially, few ever dared to try.

However, one day a rogue Braviary tore into the vegetation where the bat family were sleeping throughout the day. It was hungry and probably desperate, looking for an easy meal among the small and defenseless Zubat. Unfortunately for the Braviary, the Zubats weren't defenseless though - Golbat in dozens and dozens poured upon the predatory bird, furious to have been attacked in such a cowardly way. But though the battle was swift and the Braviary quickly defeated, the Razor winds it had unleashed found many a target among the cluster of meek bats. Annelise, among others, had her wing torn and ripped and her ability to fly severely hindered.

She was carried to safety later that night. A few of the members had scouted out a town where the locals had seemed to be friendly - they had agreed to care for the injuries for as long as was needed, as the bat population lacked such skill almost entirely. The days and nights that followed were incredibly dull for Annelise. Though she had been promised that her wing would heal just fine, she wasn't allowed to move until it did. To help her kill time, a Chancey was kind enough to reed aloud for her from a childrens story books whenever she found the opportunity. Annelise was immediately enthralled by these fascinating things called 'books' - blind as she was, she was unable to detect the little signs that had been written down upon the pages. Imagine to be able to see words - it was a thought that had never before occurred to the young girl.

Once she was able to leave and return to her colony, she did so with a new goal in mind - she was to evolve and gain her Golbat eyes! She was unable to even fathom the mysteries behind books, and it infuriated her to no end that she couldn't see them. She took her opportunities whenever she could find them. She participated in mock battles whenever she got the opportunity. She challenged herself to fly faster, to become stronger, and when the rest of the nomadic tribe were traveling at normal speed, Annelise flew laps around them. Her diligence eventually payed off, and she became a Golbat a year later, then at the age of fifteen. She had gained her eyes at last, and before her was a world that she could never have fathomed. The colors and the distance and the views, it all seemed to mock the inadequacy of her echolocation.

She spent the next few months simply getting accustomed to her new sense. But having accomplished what she had wanted to do, a new pull became present within her mind. She eventually decided to follow her wants for adventure, and bid her farewells to friends and family once they passed a town that looked like a nice place to stay.
For the next few months, Annalise worked the night shifts at the local Pelipper post office, saving up the money she needed for tutoring, and studying everything she could in the sparse time between shifts and necessary sleep. She never quite learned to read Unknown fluently - though she can do it given some time - however she proved to have a head for reading and she mastered the footprint alphabet with relative ease for someone priorly alphabetical. Thrhree years after she had initially settled, Annalise had become a Crobat and was harboring yet another dream. She wanted to become a writer of fiction.

However, the times weren't the best. Her town was located far into the Nomad mainland, and had been spared from the worst of the war for this reason. But money was scarce as it usually is during turbulent times, and few people could spend it on things such as books, when one needed to make a living. She was a fairly good writer, though - she managed to make a living by writing a serial for the local newspaper, and it kept her afloat.
But she wasn't writing what she truly wanted to write about. While her storied had so far been about the consequences of war which she had seen so much of in her traveling days, Annelise truly wanted to write about adventures. She wanted to write stories like those that the friendly Chancey had read to her out loud when she was a little Zubat, and once again she found herself helplessly lost to the grasps of a dream.

She sold her home and set out into the world in search for.. something. Inspiration, perhaps. An idea, a story to fall directly into her waiting wings. She found only death and warfare, however, which opened her eyes to the state that her home nation truly was in. She'd occasionally stumble upon ruins, the remains of rotting massacres that had been left after enemy raids. Sometimes, there's be survivors. Usually, there were none there, and the bodies had been left to rot, unburied, robbed, thrashed and thorn by the forces that had killed them. Annalise loathed it. She often thought of how her family was doing, but with no way of contacting them she had to let the thought go.

The land that she saw beneath her wasn't the place where she had grown up. Smokes and fires rose from the ruins, and nowhere truly felt safe anymore. She hated it, hated, hated, hated it. For the months that followed, Annalise learned to fight. It wasn't the mock battles that she had practiced as a child, but struggles where only one side would make it out alive. She lucked out a few times. Before she got into the routine. Annalise had never been a meek individual, and by now she had decided that it was time to leave her homeland. Luck was on the side of the young Crobat as she stumbled upon a mercenary crew in one of the harbor towns. They were looking for members who were going to cross the sea into the new land that awaited them on the other side. It suited the bat pokemon just perfectly, and the ship sailed not many days there after.

Weapons: Annalise have no additional weapons aside from the powers that she was born with. She owns a knife, sure, but it's more useful for sharpening pens with than anything that could do any actual damage in her tiny little paws.
Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

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