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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Thank you! XD Oh really? Yeah, fair enough! Ahaha, well actually, it pretty much is just something with Azure. The others know of his existence, but they won't react how Azure did. >:3

XDDDDD Ooh yeah. Nobody listened to her and look what happened. XD

Oh, you did! But I didn't reply. o.o How rude of me! Well Dusty was the name of a chao I have on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and my friend, who I started writing TtEoaF with (who then later stopped writing it and I decided to write this by myself) actually came up with the leafeon character Izante. The name itself was a name her brother invented, although funnily enough it was the name of my chao, Dusty's, mother. XD Zaion is a name I've had in my bank for ages, and I always pictured it for a houndoom, so I kept it until I could use it with this one. Zhol is a guest star character that dimongirlofthefuture came up with, and the rest of the names are pretty much random ones that I've come up with, whether it be playing around with letter combinations/word alterations, or random names that sometimes just...pop into my head. XD I have a list of names in a word document that I consult when I make a new character, so that I may name them from that list.

Basically I just pull them out of thin air. XD Either that or they're inspired by something. I couldn't give you an example of a name that was inspired by another name specifically, though. XD *can't think of one*

Oh. Well hey, that means Dusty might finally get some answers from one of them.

Yep, especially at Etire.

Oh, neat, but I was mainly referring to how you get the syllables together in a way that makes them sound like actual words. I never understood how people were able to do that.