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Kiseki Kagami from District Four
In District Four

Kiseki noticed Caroline return the smile he offered, although it was clear hers had been forced as well. Neither of them spoke to each other, nor did they really acknowledge the crowd that stared at them with expressions mixed with fear and sorrow. They were just another unfortunate pair who were being sent to die in the Hunger Games. By now, there wasn’t anything special about it.

The two of them were escorted off the stage by the district’s Peacekeepers, and Kiseki had to admit he was thankful to be escorted into the luxurious room where he was to say goodbye to his friends and family. He noticed the leather couch, the machine from which he could order anything he could think of and within seconds have it in front of him, the king sized bed with velvet blankets. It was all beautiful, but he acknowledged none of it. All he could think about was what was currently happening, where he was going. He also couldn’t help but worry about Ichiru. He and James had moved to District Three a year ago, and the fact that his brother was now in a separate district unnerved Kiseki. What if he had been chosen as a tribute, too? He couldn’t bear the thought of that. There was no way he could kill Ichiru in the arena. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.

It wasn’t long after he had finally taken a seat on the couch after several moments of pacing that the door opened, Kotomi and Isobel standing on the other side. Kiseki barely had time to rise to his feet before Kotomi was squeezing the life out of him with her embrace.

“I’m so sorry, Kiseki.” He heard her say in his ear, her voice breaking with sobs. “I wish I could have volunteered for you.”

Kiseki swallowed the lump forming in his throat, and after wriggling his arms free of his sister’s grasp, he wrapped them around her in return.

“You don’t have to apologize, Kotomi.” He told her softly. “It’s not your fault I was picked. It’s no one’s fault. None of us could have seen it coming.” He looked up at his mother as Kotomi cried into his chest, the silent tears he saw beginning to run down her face forcing his own eyes to begin to sting as the lump in his throat returned. He opened one of his arms to her, and Isobel joined the embrace, wrapping her arms around both of her children.

“You have to come back to us, you hear me?” She managed to keep a steady voice despite her tears, and Kiseki gave a nod in response, although he knew she probably didn’t see it. “We’ve already lost Ichiru, I don’t want to lose you too.”

She spoke as though Ichiru had died, which, to them he might as well have. Since he was now in another district, they never got to see him, and they couldn’t visit each other freely. It was basically as if he were gone forever.

“I will. I swear I will.” Kiseki spoke the words, but even so all three of them knew that he probably wouldn’t. This grave thought was left unspoken as the trio merely stood in silence for several moments. Finally, Kiseki spoke again. “You have to keep each other safe while I’m gone, okay? Forget about me and take care of each other.”

At this moment Kiseki greatly resembled his brother, but no one spoke it. Instead, the woman and young girl each gave a simple nod in response.

“I love you. Both of you.” Kiseki managed a smile as he broke the embrace to look at what was left of his family; the mother and sister who were so dear to him. They just had enough time to whisper their responses before their time for goodbyes were up and they had to leave. However, before they departed, Kotomi quickly handed Kiseki something she had kept held tightly in her hand; a silver pendent with a dark sapphire gem inside of which greatly resembled her eyes, as well as the waters that he and his siblings had loved so much to be around. Whenever he moved it, the surface looked as though it rippled like water. He recognized it from a few years ago; Ichiru had found it on the shores of the beach. It had been his. Kiseki, Kotomi, and even Isobel, who he had first attempted to give it to, had insisted that he keep it since he had been the one to find it. He had even had no luck finding the original owner within the district. The sight of it combined with the thought of his brother made Kiseki's heart ache, but he didn't allow it to show. He knew that Kotomi had kept it after Ichiru left, and had meant for this to be his token, so he slipped it over his head after they had gone.

He was only alone for a few seconds between each visit; aside from Kotomi and Isobel, a few of the friends he and Ichiru had made came by to say heartfelt, yet less teary goodbyes to him and wish him luck. Finally, Kiseki sat on the couch and was about to finally order something to drink to try and calm himself a little when the door opened one more time.

Kiseki looked up to see the figure that walked in, his expression instantly softening. A girl with auburn colored hair that fell down a little past her shoulders in soft curls and brown eyes which were already glistening with unshed tears stood in the doorway.

“Rose…” Like with Kotomi, Kiseki was barely able to stand before she was there with her arms around him. Aside from Amber, Rose had been the only close female friend of his since they were children. She has actually been Amber’s younger sister, and was the reason that the twins had become friends with the older girl.

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I have to…” A heavy silence fell over the room as the two merely stood there, postponing the time of parting. Finally, Rose released the dark haired teen, leaning back to look directly into his eyes.

“There’s something I have to tell you before you go.” She paused, and somehow Kiseki sensed that he wasn’t supposed to respond yet. “I… love you, Kiseki. I have for a long time now. I can‘t stand the thought of you not being here anymore…”

Kiseki was taken aback by the sudden confession, and had he not been so worried about the Games, his cheeks would have no doubt turned a bright red. It took him a few moments to compose himself as he merely stared at the younger girl in front of him, but after what seemed like forever, he spoke.

“If I win these Games, then we’ll get to be able to be together again.” He took her face in his hands, wiping away the tears that ran down her face with his thumb. It was clear without him having to say it how he felt. “I promise I’ll come back to you. So don’t give up just yet.” He offered a smile, which Rose returned after a few moments. The two of them could hear the Peacekeepers coming to usher her away so that Kiseki could move on to the train that would take the tributes to the Capitol, and before he could say anything to her, Rose had suddenly leaned up to close the distance between them.

Kiseki’s face flushed all over again when he felt her lips connect with his, and it seemed that mere seconds after he started to return it, Rose’s time was up and she had to leave.

“I wanted to do that at least once before you left.” She told him with a smile after she’d pulled away. “Make sure you keep that promise.”

“I will.” Kiseki managed to return the smile, and then Rose was gone. He gave a sigh, sitting back down on the couch as he awaited his signal to leave. Now he had two reasons to come home. Two reasons to fight, and no reason not to win.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three
In District Three

Ichiru hardly paid any attention to the beautiful room he was escorted to after the Reaping had concluded, except maybe to the advanced machinery for food, soap and shampoo. He found it interesting how so many different things could come from one machine - and instantly. Especially with the one for food and beverages. There were as many things as you could possibly think of to order from it, although he didn’t feel much like eating and simply ordered some coffee.

He sat down on the soft couch with it, waiting for the time when he would be taken to the train that would whisk him away to the Capitol. He didn’t expect anyone to come. He didn’t know anyone here, and James certainly didn’t care.

However, much to Ichiru’s surprise, the door across the room opened, and the blonde haired man stepped inside, a grim expression on his face.

“Shouldn’t you be smiling? I’m being shipped off to die in a bloody free for all, so I’ll finally be out of your life.” Ichiru spoke to him dully, not even looking at the older man as he entered the room and allowed the door to click shut behind him.

“You know, you’re such a pain to be around.” He snapped in a gruff voice, bringing Ichiru to look at him with a sharp glare. “And here I’d come to see you off.”

I’m a pain to be around?” Ichiru lowered his cup to his lap as his eyes met James’. “You’re the one who put your family through hell for years.”

“But you were the brat who made it worse.” James snarled as he walked up to the dark haired teen. “If you had let everything be, we wouldn’t have had to leave and you wouldn’t be practically sentenced to death right now. It’s your fault.”

“You had to leave because you were putting the rest of the family in danger!” The coffee cup crashed to the ground as Ichiru sprang up, mere inches from the older man. “You’ve never cared about anyone but yourself! You resorted to putting yourself in a drunken stupor to get away from your problems, and then took out your frustration on the rest of us!” Now James’ expression showed traces of rage.

“Now listen to me--”

“No!” Ichiru cut him off. “It’s the truth, and you know it is! You’re the one who deserves to be sent into the Hunger Games! I wish you were the one going into the arena so you could learn what it’s like to be constantly afraid and preyed on!”

Everything that had been withheld and left unspoken within the past year seemed to come out all at once; their words clashed together like swords as the two continued on. They shouted insults and horrible words at each other for what seemed like forever until finally everything began to calm down. Despite the calm, Ichiru shoved the older man away .

“Get out. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” James didn’t have time to retaliate, for his time was already up. Ichiru turned away to pick up the broken pieces of the coffee mug as James started for the door.

“You‘d better come back alive.”

Ichiru froze, whipping around to look at his father with something akin to disbelief and shock, but the older man had already left. He gave a sigh after a few moments, returning to the cup. Of course he didn’t mean it in the way he thought. He just wanted the money…

Michael Knight from District Two
In District Two

Michael saw the encouraging smile that Auram gave in response to his questioning look, which he managed to return with a small one of his own as the thunderous applause of the crowd began. His attention was drawn back toward the sea of people, all of which were cheering and applauding as if they were celebrities. Well, technically the Career tributes were in their own districts. But it still didn’t feel right, somehow. There shouldn’t be praise and applause for something like this.

He was escorted to a room afterward where he could say goodbye to his family and friends. Michael didn’t care much for the luxurious furniture and machines, mostly because he was too upset over this whole thing. The way the Hunger Games were treated in the Career districts was sickening. He still couldn’t shake the hatred over it.

His parents came to wish him a teary and encouraging goodbye, although it was obvious they were fixated on his winning and getting them into a Victory House. Not that the living conditions should matter. They had never really been without, so Michael found their lives perfect. Not too much, not too little.

A few of his friends stopped by as well, wishing him luck and giving him the general “you’d better come back” and “you’ve been training hard for this. Don’t let us down!” responses. Michael really did enjoy seeing his family and friends, twisted as a lot of them were toward this whole ordeal, but he was mostly indifferent to it all. When his visitors had finally cleared out, he took a seat on the couch in the room with an apple.

As he took a bite out of it and stared out the window rather than turning the large tv across the room on, he couldn’t help but think of Mikayla. The year that she had been chosen, no one had volunteered. Michael assumed it had been planned, but it still wasn’t fair. But then again, he was in the position of a volunteer himself now, and it didn’t exactly feel that great. Was this what the others felt like when they had to volunteer? Or were they excited and confident about it? He knew he wasn’t. One thing was for sure though; regardless of what it meant for him when he got back home, he had to win. Not for the fame, and not for his status as a Career volunteer, but to avenge his sister.

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
District Seven

Everything happened so fast Caitlyn could hardly process it. One minute she was at home reading as she most enjoyed doing in her spare time, and now here she stood, paralyzed with shock and fear on the stage of the Reaping, alongside her fellow male tribute. He seemed excited about the situation, but Caitlyn was terrified.

However, she refused to let it show as she looked out at the applauding crowd of people, finding her father amongst the sea of faces. He appeared indifferent; emotionless, even. Caitlyn couldn’t tell what was going on in his mind. She didn’t expect him to be sad; he had told her countless times that he wished she had never been born, and had barely acknowledged her all his life. He had even tried to keep her from being known within the district as his daughter. What could he be thinking now, with her standing on the stage in front of thousands of people; broadcasted on national television for all of the districts to see? Was he angry? Was he shocked? Sad? Afraid? Did he even care?

All of these thoughts pushed the fear out of Caitlyn’s expression, and now she appeared to be staring out emotionlessly into the crowd. This was better, though. The Reaping ceremonies would be aired on television tonight, and she didn’t need to let them see her fear.

The ceremony concluded, and the two tributes were escorted away. Although they lived a privileged life for the most part, Caitlyn and her father had never been very well off, so the sight of such a room as the one she was led into took her by surprise. She ate a little of the food that had been laid out despite her uneasy state, and spent the rest of her time pacing the floors.

The door across the room opened and startled the girl in the midst of her worrying and pacing, and she froze to look and see who had come to visit.

“I have to admit I’m surprised that you were chosen as a tribute.” The awkwardness in her father’s voice as he spoke was obvious, but she couldn’t blame him. “It’s kind of painful, actually.”

Caitlyn had to admit the presence of her father both comforted and touched her, since he had actually bothered to come by after all these years of pushing her away and not acknowledging her. But of course, who was to say that he didn’t just come by to rub everything in her face and gloat over the fact that she was finally going to die?

“How so? You’ve always said you wished I was dead.” Caitlyn’s sharp, defensive personality emerged from both her thoughts and uneasiness toward the situation. “Shouldn’t you be jumping for joy because it’s finally happening?”

“Look.” The older man gave a sigh and took a step toward his daughter. “All those years, I… I don’t know what I was doing. I treated you in a way that you didn’t deserve, and now it’s too late to change it. I’m not one for long speeches with heartfelt words, so I’ll just say it like this. You have to stay alive and come back from that arena, you hear? I can’t have the only family I have left going off and dying on me.”

Caitlyn’s defenses lowered only slightly when she realized that her father was basically telling her in his own way that he loved her, he was sorry for what he had done, and that he wanted her to come back home. However, he didn’t give her a chance to say anything, simply wrapping his arms around her for one long, tight embrace. When he had let go, he took her hand and pressed a small, wooden coin on which two axes were crossed to form an X with a 'C' embedded over the place where they intersected into her palm. Caitlyn knew without being told that he had made this sometime when she wasn't around - and for her, considering the C on it.

“Remember, I’ll be waiting for you here. I know you’re a fighter. Don’t let me down.” With that he was gone, leaving a confused and teary teenage girl standing in the middle of the room. If only she would be able to survive and come back to that changed attitude of his.

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