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Default Re: Latio-Nytro Vs Grassy Aggron

(I'm assuming it's my turn...)

Hmm. Hmm hmm hmmmmmmm. How interesting. Let's see here, TB...

Let's start with Fake Tears, shall we? If he protects, use Growth instead. Then follow up with a Giga Drain. If he protects his second action, use Growth.

If he attempts to put up a sub for any of his actions, use Bullet Seed once more.

Lastly, if he switches on his first action, use Spore and follow up with a Leech Seed on your hopefully sleeping target. Second action switch, well, you'll be doing the Leech Seed obviously, so no change to the plan there :P The target won't know what hits them either, having just popped out of a comfy ball!

Fake Tears/Growth/Bullet Seed/Spore ~ Giga Drain/Growth/Bullet Seed/Leech Seed