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Nathaniel Lawson
In route to Denver International Airport

Nathaniel Lawson was gazing down at the scenery of Colorado with an expression of interest. It may not have been an eternity since he was in the state, and its capital especially, but his end destination was a fading memory at best. The last time he had visited Conifer, it was to battle his parents for custody of his nephew, Liam. He had won, as he always did, and had been content to let the small town slip from his mind. But first his protégé had fled to Colorado to start up his own company and now several people in Conifer had began to mutate. Just a few weeks ago, Nathaniel had gone to Washington and participated in a hearing about the alterations in Conifer. The climax of his presentation had been having a young mutate named Tin Karma speak. While he was not outwardly threatening, his strange appearance and mannerisms served Lawson’s argument that the growing number of mutates represented a potential threat to homeland security.

As the result of the congressional hearing, Lawson Munitions was given some government contracts to develop some means of incapacitating and holding dangerous mutates. Now he was heading to his hometown, and from there, he would go to Conifer as part of a fact-finding mission to narrow down the possible specs for the weapons he would be creating. Nathaniel had also brought with him n arsenal of his latest prototypes to distribute to the government agents already in the town. The potential profits were enormous; all that was required was patience and cunning. The corners of Lawson’s mouth began to tug into a smile when a voice over his private plane’s intercom broke his concentration, “We are now making our final descent into Denver.”

One of Nathaniel’s aides took a seat in the chair across from him, the man’s body sinking into the blue plush surface. “ Sir,” he stuttered, “don’t you think that it may be a bit risky to try and implement a widespread containment initiative when public opinion is so against it?”

His boss’s eyes narrowed, “A coward dies a thousand deaths, Heidman. The average American’s heart and mind might be sympathetic to the plights of these mutates, but as the hearing has shown, people fear what they don’t understand.” Reaching into his front pocket, Nathaniel pulled out a small USB drive. Holding it out to Heidman, he said, “I have found a couple of suitable scenarios that are sure to turn the public against the altered humans. In the coming weeks, maybe even days, the American people will stop feeling sorry for these freaks and start feeling afraid of them.” He sat back in his chair, clenching his fist around the drive, “I only hope that Liam will be there to see the fireworks.”

Liam Lawson
Lawson Pharmaceuticals, Liam’s Office

Liam pulled off his glasses and started massaging the bridge of his nose in exasperation, “So tell me again why your price has gone up?”

Across from him was a grizzled man wearing a tan deputy’s uniform with a faded coffee stain on the stomach of it. “It’s simple,” the man said, “Mutates are the latest buzzword, everyone wants to know everything about them, ever since your uncle’s presentation-“

“Please, don’t mention him.” Liam put his glasses back on and gave the cop a long, hard look, “I don’t understand why that affects our deal, Mr. Tull.”

“Because you won’t be the only one looking for these weirdoes, and I’m guessing I can get a lot more cash once there’s a bidding war for the information.” The deputy gave Liam a wide grin, “I might be a small town cop, but I’m not some stupid hick. I know that what I’ve got is valuable, this could be the start of a national registry of these abominations.”

“Enlighten me, who else would want to know your departments list of suspected mutates and the crimes they’ve committed?”

“Reporters, for one,” Tull said, ticking off his fingers, “Politicians, evangelists, businessmen.” He paused and sneered, “Especially your uncle, I hear he’s coming to Conifer himself.”

Liam sprung forward and grabbed the cocky man by his collar, “If he approaches you about that information, he won’t give you an offer, he’ll rip it out of your hands.” His sharp green eyes locked with the officer’s muddy brown ones for a few moments, before the young man released him. “I’ll give you double, you’d be wise to take it.”

Tull dusted himself off, “Go to hell, Lawson.” He rose to his feet, pushing his chair back. The deputy spun around and left the office, slamming the wooden door behind him. Liam Lawson sunk back into his chair and glanced at the files scattered about his desk. All of them were dead ends, lost leads on various Conifer mutates. For the last six weeks, he had been attempting to track down altered humans to begin preliminary research on a cure for them, but to no avail. On the whole, those changed in the last two months were reluctant to draw any attention to themselves.

Liam yelled in frustration and swept his hand across his workspace, sending paper flying everywhere. If his uncle and mentor was indeed coming back here, there was sure to be more scheming and manipulation, that was their relationship. A cure needed to start being developed and quickly.

Jessie Moore
Heading to School

It was the first day of school, and even before the first bell had rung, Jessie could tell this was going to be a really ****** year. After a rather unappealing breakfast of Cap’n Crunch, grabbing her backpack, and dealing with her parent’s first day rituals, Jessie made her way to the garage and reached for her skateboard. She hesitated though. The few times she had attempted to skate during the summer, her vision would falter and a nasty crash would end the ride. But it wasn’t just the loss of her favorite hobby; since the headaches had started, Jessie had retreated from the outside world and neglected her friendships, always having an excuse.

But maybe things would be different, after all, it was the first day of her junior year, time for a new beginning, and all of that crap. So Jessie, grabbed the board, even though it felt strangely heavy in her grasp. Setting it down, the girl pressed down with one foot and began heading off to the prison called school. Things were going well enough, Jessie made her way through the city of Conifer, already alive with activity. The wind ran through her short black hair and provided enough relief to ward off the dizziness, although a few black spots began to gather in the edge of her vision. Jessie actually thought she would make it; she saw the high school just two blocks away. Then a splitting headache hit. Jessie gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and grabbed her head. As a result, her control suffered and the board skidded out from under her.

Jessie fell flat on her ass with a grunt. This spectacle was caught by a few of the early arrivals who begun laughing, only to be receive a quick flip of the bird. Jessie rose back up to her feet, only to get a sense of vertigo. The jeering of one boy was especially jarring and Jessie felt her anger rise to the surface. If her skull didn’t feel like it would be ripped open, she’d have shut that ******* right up. The more she thought about hurting him, the more bearable her headache became. Finally, the migraine subsided, and Jessie was able to completely stand up and retrieve her board. Jessie let out her last bit of anger in a curse under her breath and began walking towards the school, ignoring the now doubled over sophomore who had been laughing at her.
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