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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer

The Cast
Charmander009 as Chance Ansley
Charmander009 as Michael Barret
Eternal Moonlight as Felix Blake
Sheepat as Martin Karma
Sheepat as Theodore "Tin" Karma
Phantasm.Angel as Liam Lawson
Phantasm.Angel as Nathaniel Lawson
Phantasm.Angel as Jessica "Jessie" Moore

Super Singe as Allan Anzaldua
Eternal Moonlight as Daisy Blake
Fluffeh as Katalin "Katty" Blanch
Fluffeh as Melisa "Momo" Blanch
Popshakes as Trinity "Tweetie" Amber Calloway
Fluffeh as Grant Porter
Acps199610 as Nick Sato
JechtSphere as ???
Max0596 as ???
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