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Default Re: Soul Calibur Series

Pffft, um... I think I've only played Soul Calibur IV so far (there's five at the moment, right?) and that was a while ago xD I quite enjoyed playing with my own guy and developing him. I also liked playing as Astaroth - he was just power-hungry and a hard hitter, which I liked about him xD Him running around as a giant in the ending scene was amusing :')

I also liked that assassin, ninja, zombie-like hissing guy.... Voldo! He was funny xD Lizardman was also cool, Kilik had a staff so he was a pimp, Siegfried was a boss and Zasalamel was also pretty badass.

Soul Calibur V any good?

Also, CM, I agree with the preference to a little more plot, but still, the game(s) is/are pretty cool xP

(I can't really give any valid opinions - I only played the one game )


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