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Default [VOTING] Keldeo - The Fourth Musketeer!

Voting will run until August 20th at 11:59 PM

Every entry will be listed below. Please vote for your favorite one.


Entry 1) Typhlosion Explosion's fire type Keldeo:

Entry 2) Fistodragon's dark type Keldeo:

Entry 3) mintjelly's gothic Keldeo:

Entry 4) Eeveelutions's showgirl Keldeo:

Entry 5) Yuukei's legendary swordsman Pichu Keldeo:

Entry 6) PokeSuicune's recolored Keldeo:

Entry 7) Winter's chocolate Keldeo:

Entry 8) 5TailedDemonLizard's ghost type Keldeo:

Entry 9) lisa lynn's inverted Keldeo:

Entry 10) Graceful Suicune's Ponyta disguised as Keldeo:

Entry 11) Starbom's Scribblenaut Keldeo:

Entry 12) Rachel's Snorldeo:

Entry 13) -Zodeon's scratch sprite of Keldeo:

Entry 14) 2gamers's recolored/spliced Fire Emblem Keldeo:

You guys got really creative with your sprites, I think it'll be hard for people to pick just one! Best of luck to you all!
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