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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Hours had already passed since that dreadful morning, and Katherine still had yet to show or tell them anything. By now Ashley was bedridden with at least three people staying with her at all times both to make sure she was okay and prevent her from going after Abigail and Scarlet. Ichiru was almost always with her, except for the time he took to spend with the toddlers to calm them down and try to take their minds off of their mother’s grave condition. They had been ordered to stay on the other side of the house with supervision so that Ashley wouldn’t be anymore tempted by their blood than she already was. Kiseki’s situation was reversed; he spent a lot of the time trying to calm and entertain the toddlers, and went to check on Ashley when Ichiru ‘switched shifts’, so to speak.

Bonnie, Jeremy, the Vampire Abigail, Meredith, Mason and even Kol came to join the group after hearing about Ashley’s condition, although it was safe to say that obviously no one but Kotomi trusted Kol. Although he tried not to show it too much, Aiden was the coldest out of all of the group toward the Original, still upset over how he had kidnapped her before, plus what he had done to Diana when they had first met him. Even if he tried to think well of him, he couldn’t help going back to the conclusion that he was only trying to earn their trust so that he could do to Kotomi what he did to Diana - or possibly worse.

"Where the hell is she?" Damon growled as he paced back and forth, bringing the ginger haired Original to look up from his place on the couch. He and everyone else knew already that he was referring to Katherine. "And where the hell is Elijah? I thought he would show up and help."

"I've been here the whole time, Damon." A new voice entered the living room, this one foreign to Aiden as well since he had never met Elijah. Kiseki entered the living room in his return from staying with Abigail and Scarlet and instantly saw the familiar figure that appeared across the room.

"Oh, well thank you so much for making yourself known." Damon responded sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

"I was trying to find out from other spirits if there was any other cure for a Werewolf bite besides Klaus' blood." Elijah explained.


"There isn't, besides Ashley's blood which won't work now." Elijah said, and Kiseki and Aiden sighed along with Damon, the small spark of hope they had from the ghostly Original’s appearance fading.

"Klaus wants to meet with you." Katherine suddenly appeared, her gaze on Damon. "Alone."

"Why?" Isobel asked as she crossed her arms.

"He's willing to strike a deal with Damon."

"What kind of deal?" Damon asked.

"He didn't go into detail, but after hours of nagging the hell out of him he finally gave in." Katherine explained, and Damon looked down. "I can take you to him right now."

"Let's go." After a few moments of thinking it over he responded, looking back up to the curly haired brunette "The sooner we get this over with the better."

As he followed Katherine out of the house, a horrible feeling of dread arose within Kiseki. Klaus deciding to make a deal with Damon and requesting he be by himself seemed shady and not good at all. The dark haired teen went upstairs to visit with Ashley, although the concern over the matter was clear on his face when he came into the room. Seeing Ashley’s condition didn’t make it any better. By now her breathing was barely visible; she looked horrible.

Ichiru seemed to sense his brother when he entered the room, turning to see the worried expression on his face. It certainly didn’t help his worry when Kiseki saw Ichiru, who looked as though the life were being drained out of him as well the more Ashley’s condition worsened.

“Did something happen?” He asked before Kiseki could question him, somehow sensing that part of the worry in his eyes was directed at something else.

“Katherine finally showed up.”


“She told Damon that Klaus wanted to make a deal with him, and took him away.” Kiseki felt horrible relaying the bad news when he saw the hope that flickered into his brother’s expression, which - as expected - faded instantly when he answered.

“Did anyone else go with them?”

“No, she said that Klaus ordered him to come alone.” Kiseki responded, and Ichiru looked at the ground, then back to Ashley. It was obvious her time was running out - and quickly. Whatever deal they were going to make needed to be done fast, but now another worry was what did Klaus want from Damon?
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