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Default Re: Keldeo Contest: Short Story of the Bi-Week #K (THEME: KELDEO)

The Story of Keledo

When Reshiram and Zekrom were at war and Kyurem at rest, the great Arceus saw that Unova was without protection from legendaries. He decided to create four Musketeer Legends. They would stand for justice, work together and get Unova at peace.
After that, Unova was a peace. But Arceus couldn't help but notice that there was arguing and contention between the four, along with fighting. Arceus saw this all and thought; 'One of them must lead the others, and be stronger. The one will have its own move and forme. They must fight for it!' Arceus notified them of this.
One crisp September morning, in the Moor of Icirrus, the four stood on a hill, ready for combat. The top of the hill a 15x15 square they stood. To the North, Cobalion, the noble steed. He was just, righteous, and very wise. He was an ideal leader, one who would be fair and just. To the West, the graceful one, Virizion. Although frightening in combat, her appearance was calm and peaceful. She would lead with peace, and soothe others, without violence. To the East, the powerful one, Terrakion. Able to destroy a castle wall in one blow, he would lead with a firm hand. Powering through obstacles, he too, would be a good leader.
To the South was perhaps the most unusual, Keledo. His name wasn't the only thing different about him. He was the smallest, seemed the least likely to win. He was built like a small colt, seemingly weak, yet he was special in a way. He could kick harder than Terrakion himself, and was quick to dart from right to left and more graceful and smooth than Virizion. In combat smarter than Cobalion. He often had to use more than power against powerful pokemon like Haxorus, or ghost types like Jellicent or Golurk. In a way, he was part of all three put together.
CRASH! The gong sounded and the fight started. Terrakion charged full speed at Keledo. Keledo ran at him also. Terrakion was confused, but kept charging. At the last second Keledo did a slide under Terrakion. He popped up behind Terrakion and did a Double Kick into Terrakion's rear. Mean while, Cobalion launched an X-Scissor at Virizion. Virizion slashed it to pieces with a Magical Leaf. Cobalion charged with an Iron Head. Virizion jumped over it and Hi-Jump Kicked into Cobalion's back, causing him to faint. Terrakion charged up a Stone Edge and sent it at the fleeing Keledo. Keledo turned on the spot and fired a Hydro Pump, not only sending the rocks back into Terrakion, but slamming Terrakion in the face with pressurized water and causing him to faint. Keledo then was slammed in the side by a Magical Leaf. He was worn down and could barely stand. Sacred Sword slammed into him and he flew through the air. As he realized he was flying towards a tree, his mind went into action; 'If he could pull this off, he could win. If not, he would lose.' At the time of impact he planted his back hooves into the tree, and pushed off. Virizion was startled. The runt was flying back at her! She thought she had won! Keledo slammed into her with and Aerial Ace. Virizion could not take the impact. Instead of Keledo, this time, she went flying. Keledo hit the ground and dug his heels in. Virizion flew off the hill and hit the ground hard. She then fainted. Though he was tired, Keledo raised himself onto two legs and let out a whinny. He felt his strength return. There was Arceus.
“ Well done Keledo, that was amazing!” he said.
“Thank You”, Keledo replied.
“ As I told you, you will have your own move and forme,” said Arceus.
The other three legends walked up to Keledo, having been healed by Arceus. “Now, Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion focus all your energy on Keledo.” The three did as they were told, and Keledo began to change. More fur grew on his head and his horn became longer. He then jumped into the air and executed a Secret Sword, his signature move. He landed on the ground overjoyed, as the other three cheered. “ I have a job for you,” said Arceus, “Kyurem is on a rampage. I need you to stop him. Now go, the four of you.” They all cheered and galloped into the sunset, now with a leader. Arceus smiled. Keledo had a VERY bright future.

This is his story.

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