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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (SU)


Character Name: He is dubbed Nniuq Shamroucq.
Pokemon: *Holds back from singing* Snivy.
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Nniuq is unique. He is 2 feet taller than most Snivy, hailing at 4'00". He is normally seen wearing a green leather jacket that has a shamrock stitched in white on the right side. (Seen as left) His, um..."hair" is slightly pointed at the back of his head, but it is barely noticeable. On his left arm there is a patch where it is shiny, as in different color shiny, the bluish-green shiny. It has been there since he was around 10 and stayed there since. Any other remarkable differences would be that he has one of those scars that "tough" guys in stories/RP's like this would have. The mark was on his face has been there since he was born.

Character History: When Nniuq was 5, he was abandoned by his parents. The abandoning wasn't out of hatred, competition, or greed. In fact, it was because they loved him. They couldn't afford to keep him, seeing as they were very poor. He was adopted by a local blacksmith named Udo that was near where he used to live. Every year after he got adopted, he would go visit his family, to see how they were doing and to see if he could give them anything that he could at the moment. When he was 9, both his mom and dad became deathly ill. There was no way that either Udo or anyone could do to help, since they needed a medical doctor, but couldn't afford it. One year later, when Nniuq became 10, his mother died. His dad got killed by a thug, who was trying to rob them, but didn't know they didn't have much. In return, the thug killed the remaining parent. The thug also managed to make a deep slash through Nniuq's left arm, needing amputation or, again, surgery. Nniuq was wandering the streets when he met a shiny Serperior who was a nurse. The Serperior helped Nniuq by patching up his left arm. The patch was the same color of the Serperior, and stayed that way for days to come.

17 years later and Nniuq becomes an official blacksmith, though he mainly makes guns, especially his own two. He went to find the thug who killed his own father. Nniuq has been nonsuccessive in his search for the thug. Though, while searching, he learned that the thug's name is Triad. When Nniuq is not looking for Triad, he hangs out at the local bar. There, Nniuq usually gets some aged rum and goes back to the blacksmith shop he works at with his dad. It was also at that same bar that he learned about the quest to Kibou and the team that was representing Miniera, the Skythunder Blades. At that moment, Nniuq knew that he could instantly help his adopted father with his money troubles.

Weapons: Nniuq is a pistol-slinger wielding two pistols that he first made. It is slightly crude, but impressive for first pistols. If needed, he can make a dagger or two from any resources that's available. Of course, excluding water and any other non-solid elements like fire. Depending on what they're made from, the less crude they are. Such as, if he made two daggers from dirt, they would be sturdy, but not too great as if he used rock.

Other: Um...I'm not too great at this stuff and I hope this at least decent. If not, I'm sorry.

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