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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Sabi wants to make edits again and some simplifications, don't kill me for how long this is. XD

For the ones with edits, I will post the wanted changes in [bold].

Mara the Mandibuzz [F]
Ability: Overcoat
Signature Move: Body Knuckle
Mandibuzz know bones. Mara knows a bit more than the rest, having picked the best bones based on their strengths and weaknesses. To get through those bones, she's also had to pick [and eat] a lot of muscles and nerves. Naturally, being a predator, she keeps this knowledge in mind with living competitors. When in battle, she looks at her opponent to find a good point to strike, be it the arms, legs, or torso, even the head. Depending on where she hits her opponent, depends on what she does to them, being paralysis for hitting their legs, or whatever they use to move, removing special attack if hit in the head, attack if in the arms, or flinching if in the torso. The effects only last based on how hard her opponent was hit however.
Type: Dark
Base Power: 40
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Physical
Priority: 0
Impact: Single Target
Energy Modifier: 6 [4]
A 50% chance of the following effects if aimed at the following areas [Area will be designated when attack is made]:
Head: Lowers Special Attack by two stages
Torso: Causes Flinching [Lowers Defense by two stages]
Arms: Lowers Attack by two stages
Legs/Limb used for Movement: Paralysis
Wings: Unable to become airbourne and is affected by ground type attacks
[Back: Target has 35% chance of flinching each action]

Effects last based on the following:
5-8% Damage: Two rounds
9-20% Damage: Three rounds
21-35% Damage: Four rounds
35%+ Damage: Five rounds

** All Pokemon in the Amorphous egg group, with the exception of the Ralts evolutionary line, and the Tynamo line and Wobbuffet, are immune to any effects of this attack. Ditto and all ghost types, are also immune to these effects.
Usage Gap: One round recharge after effects have worn off. If Pokemon is unaffected, must wait two actions before use again.

Why changes: Adding on another area to give an effect and changing another while trying to lower the energy cost just a tiny bit. I used to think energy mods were what the move cost for energy alltogether and now I know that is not the case. >< Adding priority and impact too.

Tova the Torkoal [F]
Ability: White Smoke
Signature Move: Furnace Charge

Tova is basically a living furnace. As a living furnace, she knows a thing or two about fuel consumption and how it affects her energy levels. Knowing this, she figured out a way to amplify her fire attacks to literally burn the competition away. She sits and stockpiles energy inside her shell, getting hotter and hotter the longer she waits. The longer she waits, the more powerful the next fire attack will become. After letting loose her inferno of fiery pain, Tova must wait to use another fire attack, and to build up more heat.
Type: Fire
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Priority: 0
Impact: Self
Energy Modifier: 3
Stockpiles energy to increase fire attacks. Fire attack BP is raised based on the following:
1: 25% BP [Damage] increase. Cannot use fire attacks for one action afterwards.
2: 50% BP [Damage] increase. Cannot use fire attacks for two actions afterwards.
3: 75% BP [Damage] increase. Cannot use fire attacks for three actions afterwards.
4: 100% BP [Damage] increase. Cannot use fire attacks for four actions afterwards.
This move is included with Fire attack restrictions mentioned above.
Lowers evasion by one stage when this is used. Stock pile is removed after a fire attack has been used, except this attack.
Usage Gap: Based on above effect.

Why changes: Again, BP into energy usage. Tova is already sitting there lowering her evasion and using energy to charge up, to me it seemed a bit more on the negative side to have it as base power rather than just damage. Yes, the evasion lowering stays until the stock pile is removed. Storing that much fire power, you can't move too much. Also I neglected to mention that Furnace Charge would be able to be used consecutively. Didn't make too much sense if she couldn't. >< Also adding priority and impact.

Riverspire the Omastar [M]
Ability: Swift Swim
Signature Move: Turnpike Counter
As a revived fossil Pokemon, Riverspire knew that if he wanted to stay alive, he needed to find more use of his shell.His spikes were limited to what they could do, maxing out at around three techniques. He had a hard heavy shell with spikes on it...that's when he figured out he could use them together, since he wasn't the most nimble of Pokemon to avoid attacks. He figured, if he could take a few direct attacks, his foe was going to regret trying to karate chop him the next time.

By simply tucking his body as far into his shell as he could, Riverspire leaves himself to his opponent's attack, however, makes it so that when they hit him physically, they can't avoid his spikes on his shell. That way, they take some damage as recoil. This only works for physical contact attacks however, but anything to give his foes some sting and some have even walked away with less punch than usual because they happened to hit those spikes in just a certain way.
Type: Rock
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Priority: +1
Impact: Self
Energy Modifier: 5
-Foe's oncoming attack after this technique has been used is guarantee'd to hit.
-Causes 1/4 recoil damage for contact physical moves only to the foe. [Moves such as Thunderpunch are affeted, moves such as Earthquake are not. If move already has recoil damage involved, this is added onto that damage]
-DEF +1 for Riverspire only for when this technique is used.
-May lower foe's attack. [10% chance]
Usage Gap: Once per round

Why changes: It's really only to specify priority on this one, and the impact.

I want to change this one:

Asharas the Shiny Charizard [F]
Ability: Blaze
Signature move: Flare Blaze
The flames of a Charmander and evolutions yet to come always burn brighter when fierce battles have been faced. Ashe was one such Pokemon who would face her own opponents who had a type advantage over her. Over and over again, until the peak of her power was reached and skill of her fire attacks hit high. Once her Blaze ability activated, she took it one step further, unleashing even more power against her opponents in a literal blaze of glory. Water type's steamed, rock types melted under the intense heat and so on and so forth. However Ashe would go without taking some of her own recoil damage every time a fire attack was used due to the intensity. This was always a do or die tactic.
Type: Fire
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 15%
-All Fire attacks used that cause 'not very effective' damage become 'normal damage'. 'Normal damage' becomes Super Effective. Super Effective damage as they were.
-All fire attacks used cause 3% recoil damage to remaining health. (Should 2 Fire attacks be used in one round means -7% health for each fire attack in total) This is added to the recoil value if the fire type attack already does recoil damage (Eg. Flare Blitz)
-All fire attacks have a chance of burning if they did not have it previously before.
-Flash Fire Ability is bypassed, however, 2% more recoil damage occurs as a result.
-Flash Fire bypass does normal damage to opponent.
-Can only use when the 'Blaze' ability activates after being commanded to.
-Lasts 3 Rounds and if Asharas is by some whim of a miracle still standing by the end of it, ALL her stats drop by 3 levels. [Including Evasion]
Usage Gap: Once per battle.


Signature Move: Meteor Flare
Description: Asharas was no pushover Charmander and she was not trained like normal flaming lizards. No, she spent the vast majority of her time battling anything stronger than her, especially those with a type advantage. Her flames burned brighter after each hard battle and her fire grew hotter and hotter; to a point where everything was hurt by it no matter what type it was. Putting in that last bit of effort when things, she tapped into her Blaze ability earlier on in times of need. Everything was hurt by the fire, and what was already hurt was hurt even more so. Even Pokemon immune to the flames were harmed by them. Of course by the end of it all, Asharas would draw into a tired state, and if she was still standing, would be unable to unleash said fire for a long time, or protect herself too well.
Type: Fire
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10%
Impact: Self
Priority: 0
-All targets are treated as having a x2 weakness to fire attacks when used against them. If target had x2 weakness to fire normally, they are treated as having x4 weakness to fire attacks. If target has a x4 weakness to fire attacks normally, it is now treated as x5.
-All fire attacks cost an additional 3% energy to use. Fire attacks used consecitively cost additional energy based on how many attacks are used in succesion. Eg: Ember then Ember, first Ember is +3% energy cost, second is +4% energy cost and so on.
-Asharas takes recoil 3% damage for each fire attack used. Fire attacks used in succesion follow the same rule as energy cost. If attack already had recoil, recoil damage is added on.
-Bypasses Flash Fire, in which case, energy has an additional 1% cost.
-Can only use if 50% HP or lower. Disables Blaze.
-Lasts for 3 rounds in battle, after acvitation. Switching does not stop this effect, nor do rounds while switched out count against duration timer.
-Asharas is unable to use fire attacks after these effects have worn off for the rest of the battle. This applies even after being switched.
-All of Asharas' stats drop by -3, exclusing accuracy, including evasion, for one round at the end of the effect. Switching does not remove these effects, one round's time in battle does.

Usage Gap: Once per battle.

I just wanted a more simplified version of it and to kind of change how it worked a bit. Plus the rename is cool.

And a new one for...

Riptide the Feraligatr [M]
Ability: Torrent
Sig Move: Vice Fang
Description: Feraligatr have a nice set of fangs. Actually, they have powerful, locking jaws that make them champions with biting. Riptide, well where do you think the 'rip' part comes from? Riptides likes to use his jaw to cause incredible amounts of damage to his foes; he ain't no glass jaw, he's keen on giving you one instead. So, Riptide learned to utilize his pointed facial death trap and give that extra oomph to all bite based attacks. After all, he does have great hygiene. Plus, he likes to eat anything, and since Feraligatr are predators and chew there food well, he thought he'd give his opponent the extra scare with that extra bit of toothy effort.
Type: Normal
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: +3 energy per move.
Impact: Self
Priority: 0
Effects: More of an effect rather than an attack, any bite based move used by Riptide with a [Vice Fang] tag next to it, such as Crunch, do 1.5 more damage at the cost of +3% energy with their critical hit ratio increased by 1.

Usage Gap: Per action, see above.

Before you say, Feraligatr only gets like, three bite based attacks, I'm going to attempt to tutor him more.

VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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