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Default Re: [FW] The Skythunder Blades [PE2K]

Simple. Only a few of them knew how to read and write and do math, etiquite and all that other stuff. So, by those terms, they are very stupid. Also, only a handful (about a sixth of all of the Skythunder Blades) know how to pilot a ship and take care of it and all that (and have to teach the rest). Being Minieran, all of them are naturally geniuses at tactics, fighting, building, crafting weapons, ect...But, most have not trained in any of the above (and the few that have, realistically, trained in only one or two of the above), and a Minieran that trains is still better than one that doesn't.

In short, in a lot of aspects and with a few exceptions, most are about as clueless as the next guy, even when sober. By a Minieran's standards, they are completely stupid in even more aspects. There are several that have other talents or are smart, but really...They're pretty stupid as a whole.

And just so there's no confusion, feel free to make your character whatever, that's just generally the bulk of the NPCs of Skythunder Blades.

...Again, Wreckage? Boat? Anyone like either?
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