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Kiseki Kagami from District Four
In District Four

A raven haired boy sat on the sandy shore just out of the water‘s reach, his emerald eyes not on the water where they should have been, but on a blonde haired girl who was swimming a few feet away. This wasn’t the first time he had seen her in the ocean; several times when he had come here to fish he had caught a glimpse of her swimming or catching fish with her bare hands. However, ever since Ichiru had left for District Three with their father, Kiseki had become more withdrawn and was afraid to try to talk to her.

He heard her talking with an older man who she addressed as her father, although he didn’t watch the two any longer while they played in the water for a few minutes, the memories of his own father forcing his gaze back to the water. At one point several years ago, James had played with Ichiru and himself at this very place, and had taught them how to fish as well. Kiseki still couldn’t understand what had gone wrong all of a sudden; why his father had turned to alcoholism and become a completely different person.

He vaguely heard mention of the Reaping beginning soon, which snapped him out of his thoughts. The girl and her father were already leaving, and it was about time he did as well. He had managed to catch a decent amount during the time that he had tried, before he had gotten distracted. The net at his side filled with the day’s catch was yet another reminder that he needed to get home.

Still soaked from his labors in the ocean, Kiseki walked into the house he shared with his mother, Isobel and his younger sister, Kotomi.

“We were wondering if you would be home soon.” Kotomi greeted her brother at the door, handing him a towel to dry himself, and it was at this point that Kiseki realized he had forgotten one yet again. With the Hunger Games drawing so close, he had often been lost in thought over it, and had been forgetting many simple things that he normally wouldn’t. But given the reason for his absentminded state, Isobel and Kotomi could hardly blame him.

“I lost track of time.” Kiseki gave his sister a sheepish smile as he took the towel from her, then holding up the net in his hands. “I managed to get a good haul today, though.”

Kotomi’s expression brightened, and Isobel appeared seconds later, giving her son a relieved yet stern look.

“You need to get ready quickly. The Reaping begins in only an hour.”

Kiseki gave a nod, handing his mother the net full of fish and, after drying himself a bit more to the best of his ability, he quickly headed for his room to get ready.

What seemed like only seconds later, Kiseki stood in the square with the other males his age of District Four. He drew a nervous breath, watching as a ridiculously dressed man, whom he already knew as Samuel Morse, walked onto the stage where two large, spinning balls filled with pieces of paper stood; one for the girls of the district and one for the boys.

“Welcome everyone!” He exclaimed over-cheerfully. “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Let the 112th Hunger Games begin!” Like every year, the girl’s name was drawn first. Kiseki watched tensely as Samuel reached down into the mass of paper, pulling out a single slip shortly after. “And the girl who will be representing District Four is… Caroline Hawthorne!”

Kiseki watched in shock as the same blonde haired girl he had seen at the ocean took her place on the stage, although he had little time to worry about it, for Samuel was already drawing a piece of paper from the boys’ side. “And the boy who will be representing District Four is… Kiseki Kagami!”

Kiseki was paralyzed when hearing his name. For what seemed like several minutes, he couldn’t seem to force himself to move, but in reality is was only a few short seconds before he slowly made his way onto the stage to stand beside Caroline. It was difficult to hide his fear, but he did well in doing so, the only traces of it shown in his emerald eyes. However, who could blame him? Was there really anyone who actually wanted to go into the Games?

He offered Caroline a small, nervous smile; the best of what he could muster at the moment. His eyes found Kotomi and Isobel in the crowd instantly when he glanced back at the people in front of him, both of them clearly terrified and withholding tears. Kiseki had to look away to the ground in order to keep his own emotions in check. He knew all of this would be on camera later on that night for everyone to see, and he knew that if he cried or showed any obvious signs of fear, he would be made a target.

Ichiru Kagami from District Three
In District Three


Ichiru looked up from several pieces of what should have been a gun that laid on a table in front of him, emerald green eyes peering over the rims of a set of glasses at the older man who stood in the doorway. He said nothing in response, merely looking at him expectantly, but the man said nothing. Instead, he nodded toward a clock which hung on the wall before turning around and leaving again.

Ichiru’s gaze went to the clock, and as he read what time it was, he instantly knew what his father had been telling him. There was only an hour left before the Reaping, which unfortunately every citizen from every district had to attend. He gave a sigh, removing the glasses and placing them on the table away from the metallic pieces that lay scattered along its surface, on open book in the corner of the wooden table. His vision itself was fine, but sometimes he wore the glasses when he was reading and often forgot to take them off, like this particular day.

When Ichiru and James had first moved into District Three, Ichiru had begun studying and practicing with firearms, electronics and machinery in general, and, after showing his newfound skill in repairing and customizing guns and other electronics, he often received requests to do such from some of the others in the district who were too busy to do it themselves. Of course, since this was his new interest and hobby, Ichiru didn’t mind at all. It allowed him to distance himself from his father, and a lot of the time he was even awarded with money as thanks.

The ebony haired teen showered and changed into his best set of clothes for the Reaping ceremony, never speaking a word to the blonde haired man in the living room. Unlike his brother, Ichiru rarely remembered the good times they spent with their father as children; all he could remember were the horrible times in which he felt he had to stand up for his family and was punished for it. And then there was their current living situation, where the resentment they had for each other could be sensed from all the way across the district, and they rarely even spoke to each other unless it was mandatory. Most of the time, it was like Ichiru lived by himself, which he didn’t mind at all. Things had certainly gotten better once he had busied himself with the study of the district’s specialties and made a hobby out of them.

James joined Ichiru at the door and the two left the house silently, walking to the place which Ichiru was almost certain would bring a horrible change to his life. He had never been chosen for the Hunger Games before, and since this was his last year, it would have been great if he lucked out this year as well. However, somehow he could just sense that this was not going to be a lucky year. Maybe he felt so because he had moved here to District Three?

As the announcer walked onto the stage after Ichiru had taken his place with the males of the district in his age group, a horrible feeling began to develop in the pit of his stomach.

“Welcome everyone!” The figure on stage announced enthusiastically, snapping Ichiru out of his thoughts. “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Let the 112th Hunger Games begin!”

Ichiru watched as the girl’s name was pulled first, although he was too distracted to pay attention to much else. He vaguely caught the name of his fellow tribute after she was called; Indigo Tsubaki. He hadn’t heard the name before, and he knew he wouldn’t recognize her face, since despite his constant repairing and customizing, he barely knew anyone else in District Three.

“And the boy who will be representing District Three is… Ichiru Kagami!”

Ichiru was jolted out of his thoughts rather harshly when his name was announced, but the shock of the situation had yet to dawn on him as he stepped out from the group of people to walk onto the stage. He looked out at the crowd of people gathered in front of him; all strangers. The only familiar face in the crowd was James, and he seemed completely emotionless toward the entire thing. But it wasn’t like Ichiru actually expected him to be shocked, and he certainly didn’t anticipate any form of sorrow. He tore his gaze away from his father, fixating it on the ground instead. Rotten luck this year, after all… Hopefully that would change in the arena.

Michael Knight from District Two
In District Two

In District Two, it was a completely different story in the square. The citizens were already abuzz with excitement about the Games, which sickened the blonde haired teen who made his way back to his own home. However, he didn’t let it show, keeping a neutral expression as he walked the streets with a sword in tow. He knew this most likely revealed the fact that he had just been out training, which would normally be a bad thing, but since he hailed from a Career district and everyone here were such big supporters of the Capitol and the Hunger Games, it didn’t really seem to matter.

He propped the blade on his shoulder as he walked, now able to see his home in the distance. No doubt his parents would be in a frenzy about being on time, but quite frankly, Michael could care less. He would have rather not attended the Reaping or have anything to do with the Games at all.

“Michael, you’re late! The Reaping starts in only a few minutes!”

The second the blonde cleared the door frame his mother pounced him. She and his father had already gotten dressed up and looked presentable, as opposed to their son who was covered in dirt and sweat.

“I know, I know.” The teen pushed passed her and his father, who stood a few steps behind his wife. Suddenly he remembered to maintain his demeanor, and the scowl on his face instantly became a bright smile. “I’ll take a quick shower and be right down.”


Michael gave a cheerful nod and disappeared up the stairs, leaving his smile in the living room. He didn’t know why he did it, or if he even had to do it, but ever since his outburst toward his parents after Mikayla’s death, he had somehow ended up wearing a fake smile and cheerful personality around town. However, the truth was he hated this district and was sickened by its supporting the Capitol and the Games themselves. However, despite his hatred for the fact that his parents acted as if they didn’t care that Mikayla had died because of the very thing they’re so loyally supportive of, he still didn’t want to put them in danger as well, so he didn’t show his rebellious attitude toward the Capitol… much.

A few minutes later, Michael returned to the living room only to be immediately dragged out the door by his parents and to the square where the Reaping was to be held. When Michael saw the stage, the crowd, the large, spinning balls for the boys and girls of the district, and all of the boys and girls he and Mikayla he had grown up around, the nervousness began to settle in. However, he had no reason to be, because he already knew what was going to happen today. It had already been decided that he was going to be the one to volunteer as the male tribute from District Two. Michael had tried to object at first, but what was the point? Ever since Mikayla had died he had been training for this, and even more so since he had found out that he would be the one forced to volunteer this year. He wanted to win the Games as a way of avenging Mikayla’s death, but deep down he didn’t really want any part of the arena. Still, what choice did he have now?

He watched as a figure walked onto the stage to announce the names of the unlucky pair of tributes for this year’s Hunger Games. After the general welcoming announcement, a name was drawn from the girls’ side. However, instead of just one girl volunteering for the place, two voices were heard from the crowd. The sea of people was parted to reveal two girls. Michael recognized one from seeing her around town among the others, but the other, a girl with rusty colored hair and green eyes, he was sure he had never seen before. Was she volunteering of her own will, or was she the pre-approved tribute?

He watched in shocked silence along with the crowd as another drawing was made with just the two girls’ names to determine which of them would be going into the arena. A new name was drawn; Auram Ubralles. Michael watched the new girl - or rather, new to him - take her place on stage. He was still shocked when the announcer finally walked over to the ball filled with the boys’ names and pulled out one of the many pieces of paper. Michael waited in a heavy reluctant silence as the name for the male tribute was announced, and then, after receiving an encouraging look from his parents whom he hated so much at this particular moment, he stepped forward just as the frightened male began to walk up to the stage.

“I volunteer as a tribute!”

The announcer gave him a nod of approval, and Michael offered a small smile to the original tribute as he passed him to walk onto the stage with Auram. The question as to why she would want to volunteer for the Hunger Games was in his eyes, but he couldn’t really ask it, considering he had just done the same thing himself. However, he doubted many of the Career tributes who volunteered were forced into it as he had been. He was the one who was an oddball.

OoC: This post is already long enough, so I’ll do Caitlyn’s part in my next one. ^^’

Also, I wasn't completely sure if Auram's history was part of what happens in the current Reaping, so if I need to change anything there let me know.
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