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Default Re: [FW] The Skythunder Blades [PE2K]

Originally Posted by Sheepat View Post
Mr. Ship and Mrs. Ship. They could get a little kid ship and name it Ship Junior.

I would imagine some characters (Like Abraham) hate the name. Abe's only with the TSB 'cause he bought the same boat as them :P
I would imagine most characters wouldn't like the name too much. They WERE drunk when they did name it, so when they're sober, they're just going to wonder why they thought of THAT. But nevertheless, they named it while they were drunk, so more fun for us!

...And aren't all ship's female by nature?

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Saw this discussion, totally had to say something.

S.S. Spirit.

Because, you know, a spirit can mean something else relating to your drunken dilemma.

Now excuse me while I avoid the tomatoes thrown at me...*Slinks out*
Hrmm...I might just consider that.

Say, Grassy, are you interested in joining, by any chance? Or was that just it?
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