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OOC: Obliveon, you can choose to come with Andrew. I'd recommend it XD

Andrew Starker, True Digidestined
Polar Icecap, Digital World
ARP: Obliveon

Adam just stared at the Frigimon as she fought Beelzemon. She was putting up a good fight, but the VictoryGreymon was more concerned with Andrew, and Casper. They both were hunkered down, Andrew with his digivice pointed at the Mistymon. In the distance a temporary Digital Stream was forming, a direct result of a Major Stream exploding.

The Mega-level had felt it, the moment it shattered. He had felt it before, when he was helping destroy one of the Streams a few months back. He could feel victory for Anarcomon in the wind. This fight was just a small scuffle. A bar-fight in the middle of the second World War. He smiled as he raised his sword, jumping at Casper.

The two Digimon's blades crashed, a shock wave erupting from the collision. Casper grimaced as he was pushed back, the more-powerful Mega-level falling to his feet. The sat there, struggling.

“You are as strong as ever, my friend,” Adam said, smiling.

“We... aren't.... friends....” Casper replied, his voice filled with determination, “Not... since... Daemon...”

With surprising strength he pushed the VictoryGreymon back a couple yards. He wiped a bit of excess fire from the Mistymon's blade. Wind was blowing, forming a tornado. They were going to do it soon.

“Beelzemon, help me.”

Beelzemon jumped away from the Frigimon, grimacing from a slam the Frigimon had given him. He turned to Casper, drawing his two pistols. He fired them both, which Casper barely deflected. The Ultimate had to conserve his energy... a few more seconds...

“Now!” Andrew yelled.

Energy erupted from his digivice, engulfing the Mistymon. The form of a humanoid dragon appeared, as he grabbed Andrew, the Minor Stream about to engulf them.

“Come on!” Casper yelled, his voice a deep grunt, “If you want to live, then jump into the Stream!”

The stream slammed into them, chaotic energy everywhere....

Then they fell, right into a small forest, animals running away from the surprise, flocks of birds fleeing the forest.

“O-Ohio...” Andrew said, his voice a slur. His dreary eyes looked at a DemiMeramon, who looked at him. Andrew felt the forest floor rush to his head, then black.
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