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Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
In District Twelve

Ashley and Jeremy were in the large woods together that was right outside of their District, going through the electric fence that surrounded their District which was almost never on. The two teenagers were a bit dirty from hunting, knowing that today was Reaping Day but had lost track of time. Ashley held a bow with a quiver of arrows strapped to her back while Jeremy had a spear, though the two sat on a large rock with a pile of dead animals at their feet which they would bring to the butcher.

"We did pretty good today." Ashley commented as she looked at her brother, who nodded in response.

"Yeah. The butcher will be real pleased with us today." Jeremy responded. A horn was then heard from town, meaning that the Reaping was going to start in an hour.

"Oh crap..." Ashley said, quickly standing up.

"We forgot about the Reaping! Well, didn't forget but lost track of time!" Jeremy quickly stood up as well.

"Once the Reaping is over with we'll come back here and bring the animals to the butcher. We'll have to leave them here for now because we don't have enough time to bring our catch back to town." Ashley said, bringing Jeremy to nod in agreement as they securely hid their weapons and ran back to town. Once they got to the electric fence they stopped running and listened for the buzzing sound that revealed the fence being on, but when all they heard was silence they knew it was safe to step through the bars. Once they did they sprinted home, sprinting all the way to Victor's Village.

"Where are our children?" Katniss asked in irritation, holding Aria in her arms as she looked out the window, bringing Peeta to walk over to the same window as well.

"They need to get out of the woods and get ready for the Reaping. I'm gonna go and find them." Peeta said, beginning to turn for the door but stopped when seeing Jeremy and Ashley sprinting down the street, seeing how filthy they were.

"You have to be kidding me!" Katniss said in anger this time as she saw her two older children, Ashley and Jeremy running into the house.

"Mommy! You're home!" Aria said in excitement, extending her arms towards Ashley as the brunette smiled and took her ginger haired daughter.

"Do you realize what time it is? The Reaping starts in less than an hour!" Peeta said, Ashley and Jeremy catching their breath as their younger brother Kenny walked into the room.

"Sorry dad..." Ashley said, Peeta sighing as he ran his fingers through his blonde hair.

"Both of you just go get showered and ready." Katniss said as her children nodded, disappearing upstairs into their own rooms after Ashley had handed Aria back to Katniss. The two siblings each took turns taking a hot shower and got dressed; Ashley wore a beautiful sky blue strapless spring dress which came down about two inches above her knees and matching flats for shoes. Katniss helped with Ashley's hair by drying it and curling her hair in smooth, beautiful curls while Aria played around in the same room, the toddler wearing a bright pink dress made of smooth silk with white stockings and pink girly dress shoes. Jeremy wore nice black pants and a nice emerald green shirt with black sneakers, their family easily able to afford everything. When Jeremy was finished brushing his hair he went downstairs, meeting Kenny at the bottom.

"This is the last year that you could get picked. Are her nervous?" Kenny asked, to which Jeremy smiled at the blonde haired boy.

"Nope. I'm sure I'm not going to get picked this year either. If it hasn't happened yet then I hardly doubt that it will." Jeremy shrugged, the rest of the family walking downstairs with Aria in Ashley's arms. The family of six walked into town together and saw that the stage was set up in the Town Square, as well as tables with Peacekeepers standing behind them with sign-in papers in front of them. Every person was required to sign in and watch the Reaping, and whoever doesn't show up on the lists will suffer unspeakable consequences.

"You guys go sign in. Your father and I have to go on stage since we'll be the mentors for the two Tributes." Katniss said, her and Peeta disappearing into the crowd. The three siblings signed in, a group of girls on one side and a group of boys on the other. Like every year, Ashley went to the one side while Jeremy and Kenny went to the other, though it was broken down by age as well so Jeremy and Kenny couldn't stand together, having to be with their own age group. Each year Ashley was allowed to hold Aria where the brunette had to wait, since Ashley's parents were the mentors for District Twelve and having no one else available to look after Aria. After about ten minutes of waiting a middle aged woman with crazy ruby red hair, wearing face make-up which made her look like a clown, and ridiculous looking orange outfit stepped onto the stage, this being the speaker for District Twelve.

"Another year for the Games!" Sonya Karp said happily as she spoke into a microphone, Katniss and Peeta standing next to her as two men began to place on stage two large spinning balls which contained small pieces of paper, each having the children's names inside. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Let the 112th Hunger Games begin!" Sonya then walked over to one of the large balls and placed her hand deep inside the top, moving her hand around through the small pieces of papers. "Like each year, ladies first." She said, pulling out a piece of paper with a smile.

"Please don't be me..." Ashley whispered to herself as she lightly bounced Aria in her arms, knowing that all of the Reapings are being recorded and not live, though later that same night each District's Reaping will be on television for everyone to see.

"And the girl who will be representing District Twelve in the Hunger Games is... Ashley Mellark!" The words that escaped Sonya's mouth punched Ashley right in the face, the color of her skin growing completely pale as her body stayed paralyzed for a few moments, knowing that she had to go up on stage. Katniss and Peeta couldn't believe it, along with everyone else in the District as Ashley finally began to walk towards the stage with her daughter still in her arms, Aria looking around the crowed in fear. With each step Ashley took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down as she looked at her parents, who gave her a nod that said that everything was going to be okay. Peeta extended his arms to hold Aria, to which Ashley nodded and gave Peeta his granddaughter.

"Be strong." Peeta whispered as his daughter walked passed him on the stage. Ashley stopped walking to stand next to Sonya, who began to pull out a piece of paper from the boy's lottery ball.

"And the boy who will be representing District Twelve in the Hunger Games is... Kenny Mellark!" Sonya announced.

"No!" Ashley yelled in shock as her eyes widened, now her and her whole family in a panic as Kenny began to walk towards the stage, tears in his eyes.

"Oh my God..." Katniss said as she looked at Peeta, Ashley quickly looking over to Jeremy. Jeremy gave a quick nod, knowing that Ashley wanted as he ran out of his age group and towards the stage.

"I volunteer as Tribute for my little brother!" Jeremy yelled, to which Sonya nodded in approval.

"Jeremy no!" Kenny cried as he ran into Jeremy's arms, bringing him to kneel down.

"Listen to me, Kenny. Everything is going to be fine. Ashley and I are going to make it out alive, do you understand?" Kenny nodded at Jeremy's words, then Jeremy walking up on stage with his twin sister and parents.

"Well, looks like these Games are going to be very interesting this year." Sonya commented, "Would anyone like to volunteer as Tribute for Ashley Mellark?" Guilty silence from the crowed, which Ashley completely understood and didn't blame anyone for not wanting to take her place. "Looks like Ashley will be in the Games then."

"Mommy no! Don't leave mommy!" Aria cried in Peeta's arms as the toddler fought against his grip.

"Aria..." Ashley said in sorrow, quickly walking over to her father and grabbing the toddler to hold her. Ashley knew that all the cameras were on her now and would be showing this whole thing later on television for the whole world to see, but she didn't care.

"Please stay." Aria begged, bringing tears to escape Ashley's face, though she still didn't care about being recorded.

"Everything is going to be okay, Aria." Ashley said. The entire District was silent, Ashley's words not even needing a microphone to be heard. "I promise that I'm going to come home to you. I love you, Aria."

"But daddy didn't stay alive in the Games." Aria said, more tears escaping both Ashley's and Aria's eyes.

"Which is why I'm going to do whatever it takes to come back home. I won't let you live your life without either of your parents." Ashley said, the crowed still in a heavy silence of sorrow. The two Tributes were then led away by Peacekeepers and taken into custody in luxurious rooms, being guarded so they do not escape. Tomorrow they will be taken by train to the Capitol, where they will prep for the Games. Before they were taken away Ashley handed Aria back to her father, causing Aria to cry and scream again as she fought against Peeta's grip to try and get a hold of Ashley. Ashley had looked back at her crying daughter, then turned back around as Jeremy wrapped an arm around his sister for comfort.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In District Four

Caroline swam in the ocean in a pink and orange homemade bikini which she made herself, the clothing actually coming out really good and sturdy. The happy teen loved the water, swimming in it almost everyday when she didn't have work. Caroline dived underneath the water again and opened her eyes, seeing all of the colorful fish and smiled. When she reached back up towards the surface she saw the familiar man walking on the dock towards her, bringing Caroline to smile.

"Hey dad." Caroline said happily.

"Hey Caroline. Your mother wants you to come out of the water so you can get ready for the Reaping." Gale said, bringing Caroline to sigh.

"Just five more minutes?" Caroline asked, bringing Gale to shake his head.

"Your mother won't be happy at all." Gale said with a small laugh.

"Fine." Caroline sighed, swimming over to the edge of the dock and extended her arm for her father to help pull her out of the water. When Gale grabbed Caroline's hand however the blonde smirked, quickly pulling on her father's arm and watching him fall into the water. Caroline laughed as Gale resurfaced in the water, looking at his daughter with devilish eyes.

"Oh that's it." Gale said, the two play-fighting in the water. After a few minutes Gale knew that they had to get back to the house, bringing Caroline to sigh once again as they got out of the ocean for good this time. They walked back to their home and went inside, Caroline taking a shower and putting on the best pair of clothes she had to try and look presentable. Once everyone was ready they walked to town, the same set-up taking place as District Twelve, only there will be a different speaker who announces the Tributes. Once Caroline was signed in she went where she was supposed to, waiting for the next poor pair to be picked for the Hunger Games.

"Welcome everyone!" A man on stage who looked just as ridiculous as Sonya Karp from District Twelve spoke. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Let the 112th Hunger Games begin!" The same routine from District Twelve unwrapped in front of Caroline, watching as the middle-aged man, Samuel Morse, got a paper from the female Tribute side first, looking at the name. "And the girl who will be representing District Four in the Hunger games is... Caroline Hawthorne!"

"What?" Caroline's mother's jaw dropped, watching as her daughter slowly walked up on stage to stand next to Samuel and a female mentor. Caroline tried her best to show no fear, though it was very difficult when she laid her eyes on her father, Gale looking at his daughter in shock.

"And the boy who will be representing District Four in the Hunger Games is... Kiseki Kagami!" Samuel announced, Caroline scanning the crowed. For some reason she didn't know who Kiseki was. In District Thirteen the same thing happened with Matt Wilson, being picked for the Games along with a girl who was a year younger than him.
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