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Default Re: King of the Hill

Miserably for you, he's insane, 210%, and he simply does not CARE that he is on fire or has Ninja Powder in his eyes, and uses that Serperior power of his to GROW eyes that are immune to your powder, screw the fact he's on fire. He then comes up and strangles you with his Serperior body, still on fire, and then MUTATES to become immune to fire. I then 'remind' him of the wish that he made that allowed me to gain complete control over him (in exchange for being the head of a group of serperior that would never betray him), so he claims the hill, but for me.

And I think they were the 'incinerate upon-contact' type of bomb, meaning that Gold, most likely he meant you were on fire the instant they touched you, they weren't Zelda-style bombs that take a few seconds...BUT WHO CARES?!

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