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Default Re: Keldeo Contest: Short Story of the Bi-Week #K (THEME: KELDEO)

Long ago, a fire started in the Moor of Icirrus because of a war among people. In this fire, a pokemon which is pony-like, with a large, feathery red mane, long, dark blue, ridged eyebrow-like features, and a single cream-colored horn that is slightly curved, was seperated from its parents. The back of its head, as well as its neck, has light blue-and-white-spotted coloration with spiky edges at the lower portion. Its body is cream-colored, with blue hooves. Its blue-and-white-spotted, lifted and feathery tail is comparable to an elaborate feather in a cap. But this Pokemon, Keldeo, does not know any skills to survive. Just as Keldeo was dying of thirst and hunger, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion found him and took care of him. They acted as its parents, and they taught it knowledge and moves for survival. Keldeo eventually grew and even surpassed the three Pokémon. One day, Keldeo took off from the forest with no one knowing why.
When the three meet again, they teach Keldeo the move Secret Sword.
This is his story