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Default Re: King of the Hill

Scyez basically ignores all laws of reality to do what she pleases. ALL OF THEM. Even the ones we make up. So she escapes the body of MGS, immediately comes back to her own body (with Gold still in it), and makes Gold go so crazy from sharing thoughts with HER, he leaves her body of his own accord, and finds the body I made him cozy (though that fixes his mind). Scyez then delivers on the promise of Ripping Gold's skull out and hitting him with it, and does so, while he's still alive, and puts it back in and kicks him until he is unconsious. Then I trap him in the Distortion World, where any of his beneficial deal(s) with Giratina has(/have) now officially expired, if there were any. Any deal that puts you on the bad end of things...That's not gone.

As for MGS? I just shove a bomb down his throat and watch as he's carted off to the HosPITol.

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