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Edited my SU a bit, as I've now joined up with the Skythunder Blades

EDIT: My second character:

Name: Jacob Weber
Pokemon: Galvantula
Gender: Male
Faction: Pe2k
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Jacob is smaller than most, only two feet high. He is also much frailer. However, he wears metal plate armor on his abdomen and head. His legs aren't as protected, but his front mandible-legs have sharp spikes on the end, letting him jab into enemies with greater ease. Jacob is constantly shaking, just like his previous form, the Joltik. This was a direct result of the scarring of his entire family getting slaughtered, along with the abuse on the streets. The armor on him is awkward, as if it doesn't fit very well (in fact, it's quite comfortable) as he prefers his freedom. Another odd quirk to Jacob is that his main left eye is dimmer than the other, signifying that it isn't as strong as his main right eye.

History: Jacob was born as one of hundreds, a larger Joltik than his siblings. His parents, a male Ariados and a female Galvantula, decided to keep all 321 children at home, raising them all. More than half of Jacob's siblings died due to starvation and bad parenting, as arachnid Lurra leave their kids to fend for themselves. Jacob survived, but that was unlucky for him, as his parents forced the living children to eat the dead ones. This 'ritual' hadn't been done for eons, and in fact had been made illegal near the end of the great wars between the nations. Jacob was so disgusted when he ate his dead brothers and sisters he got sick. His older sister, another Joltik named Judie, took care of him, becoming so obsessed with caring for her brother (who kept getting sick after that horrible feast) she evolved a year later, the first of the children. Now a Galvantula, she was allowed to leave the house, becoming spoiled by her parents. However, she kept taking care of her younger brother, up until the massacre.

Judie and the rest of the family were outside shopping, half of the kids at home, the rest on the parent's backs. Suddenly a rogue squad from the army burst into the market, guns raised. They fired, and the parents and Judie were killed. The children scattered, some getting picked off. Jacob and the rest were abandoned, as no one knew they were home. Being helpless, they started dying off. But Jacob had become strong-willed due to his sicknesses, his body becoming more immune to illness, as so many bodies spread around germs. He managed to escape the household (which had been locked) and left his family for dead.

Jacob now lived on the streets, scrounging for what he could. No one expected him to live, as he was getting frailer. He was briefly adopted by a nice family of Leavanny, but when they're newborn baby was found dead, they blamed Jacob, putting him in court. He barely managed to get out innocent, but he was estranged from the Leavanny family. Once again on the streets, people now looked at him with disdain, as the Joltik's defense had been bribing the Leavanny family to let Jacob off easy, and everyone knew it.

In fact, it got so bad that one day a Scyther tried to kill the small Lurra. The Scyther was angry, and partially drunk, not right in the head. During the fight, Jacob evolved. He became a Joltik, unleashing a sudden thunderbolt to strike the Scyther, paralyzing him long enough for the newly-evolved Galvantula to escape, to the nearby plains.

Jacob suddenly found himself on the land of the great noble Abraham Ash, the Heatmor sparing him from trespassing. Instead, Jacob became Ash's personal servant, and for five years he served him, until one day Abraham decided to sail for Kibou. Jacob was assigned to prepare the ships. Jacob accidentally bought a ship from the Skythunder Blades, causing a dispute, until the Galvantula agreed for his master to accompany them.

So on to Kibou they went.

Jacob wears basic armor on his abdomen, and partly on his head. His legs aren't protected for speed, and his mandible/front legs have metal spikes on the end for stabbing.

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