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Default Re: Animated Black 2/White 2 trailer released in English

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Didn't sound like Bianca from the anime to me. She might have changed her voice, or maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly since I'm not really a fan of the anime, but Bianca just didn't sound like the Bianca I remembered hearing. Elesa, I dunno--wasn't paying enough attention to her in the one animme episode I happened to hear both her and Bianca in.

Anyone else think Mei kinda sounded like Amy from Sonic X?

Anyway, cool trailer...this game needs to hurry up and come out.
I do not think it was the same as Bianca from the anime. That is unless the voice actress was trying to do an older Bianca. Then maybe it is her.

Based on a clip I heard of dub Elesa, it does not sound like her either. Maybe a little bit but not really.

Amy from Sonic X is voiced by Liza Ortiz who does a lot of voice work for TPCi. I have not seen anything to confirm this but based on a conversation I had, we strongly think that it is Liza Ortiz.
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