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Default Pokemon Merchandise Collector's Corner! - What item do you wish you owned?

Hey all! I just started a new article series on the PE2K site about new Pokemon merchandise. I'd also like to feature some reviews of older merchandise as well as other people's favourite pieces of Pokemon merch, particularly strange or cool merch out there etc.

That's where you come in! I'll put up some questions every so often for you to answer and I will feature some of them in my Collector's Corner series! Feel free to answer any of the questions (current or previous)!

Also if you're interested in reviewing a piece of Pokemon merchandise that you own, please feel free to post your review here or PM it to me and I will feature it on the site! It doesn't have to be long, just include why you like/dislike it, anything particularly interesting about it and whether you would recommend fans should get one.

The current question is...

What Pokemon item do you wish you owned?
I'm sure you've all seen some kind of Pokemon item you'd like to have! Is it a special console? Plush? Figure? Game? Let us know!

Previous Questions
What is your favourite item of Pokemon merchandise and why?

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