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Character Name: Solomon

Pokemon: Starmie

Gender: Reiterating, Starmie

Faction: Minirians (PE2K)

Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Solomon, at first glance, looks like an ordinary Starmie: purple skin, 10 arms divided evenly among two body parts, etc. There are some subtle differences; Solomon is slightly smaller than the average Starmie, for one, with an armspan of only .9 meters, and the gem in his center is slightly closer to red-orange than actual red, but the main differences involve his demeanor and resting state. For one, Solomon is always moving his back star nervously clockwise, then counterclockwise, than clockwise again. His gem tends to catch light with more vibrancy and frequency than most gems, almost as if it was an eye catching a manic gleam. When he speaks (telepathically), it is with childlike affectations, as though he's just someone who wants to have fun.

Character History: As very few know, Starmie are particularly long lived for Pokemon. In fact, Solomon was born about a century and a half before the start of this story, in the seas near the kingdom of Miniera. Although Staryu don't have enough psychic ability to be considered Psychics, they have a minor talent, enough to give them slightly above average human intelligence. Solomon was no exception to this rule, and was, in fact, very curious, even for a Staryu. Enhanced by the combined natural intelligences of Minierans and Staryu, Solomon was a quick learner, a natural scholar. He learned to read (both footprint and Unown runes) within a year and a half and ever since, he could be seen devouring every book he could get his minor telekinesis on. By far the most interesting of the books he read however, were the mythology books. Page after page of epic and legends and wars entranced Solomon, and by the age of 15, Solomon decided that he wanted to become an explorer.

Solomon decided to train himself on a daily basis, in secret from his community. As Staryu and Starmie need little sleep, Solomon was capable of training his body and mind from dawn into the late hours of the night, teaching himself to wield water, cold, fire, earth, even electricity. He stretched his mind to develop his modest psychic powers, as well as to make it easier for him to explore later. He trained himself to observe, even under phenomenal amounts of stress, so that he may succeed in his various explorations. He found the nearest dojo in which he would not be recognized to train, and would spar everyday. And he kept reading into various mythologies, to best identify the various locations for exploration. At the age of 25, Solomon deemed himself ready for exploration.

Solomon traveled far out of his kingdom, hunting for various treasures, learning of even more locations to explore and even making discoveries of mythos long forgotten to the Lurra; he eventually managed to find a Water Stone and evolve. Even after, he continued to travel almost ceaselessly. Of course, Solomon often had to rest in various places (even the most competent explorers need rest, after all), and among the places he stopped was a quaint little village known as Treasure Town.

While resting, he heard of a guild nearby whose Guildmaster was supposedly extremely competent and powerful. Solomon's interest was piqued, and he entered the guild and expressed a wish to see the Guilmaster. Upon seeing the Guildmaster, Solomon was surprised by his sheer childishness and obsession with certain foods. Solomon, being rather miffed with the Guildmaster's apparent stupidity, challenged the Guildmaster to battle.

Solomon was trounced. Thoroughly.

Solomon came back the next day, and issued another challenge. He was, as the internet would put it, ROFLstomped.

Solomon came back a third time. He was almost literally used as a mop for the floor. Solomon conceded defeat.

This experience served to mellow out the star, who decided that he probably needed to kick it down a notch or twenty. While he continued his explorations with even more vigor, he became cautious about the fights he engaged in; instead of playing around before he went for the kill (or knockout, if it was merely a spar), he would fight more rarely and become merciless when he was forced to fight.

Solomon eventually came back to Minera, and decided to find a more steady job. He settled as the resident expert of mythology at the local universities (universities existed at the time, if memory serves, but they were much less formal and the Professors were not necessarily certified. It was more a meeting of the minds, a forum). He wanted to distance himself from his explorer identity (not out of desire: he made a fair few enemies as an explorer, and had an wish to not be annihilated), and, remembering the Lurra who thrashed him years before, took on the role of the eccentric, foolish, child.

One day, Solomon was coming back from shopping in the town to rest for the night, walking behind an oddly extravagant carriage. He had been walking for no more than about two minutes when he and the carriage were surrounded by bandits. Before he could do anything else, a Skuntank among the bandits deployed his gas, knocking out the people they had surrounded, except for a Bisharp (as a Steel type) and Solomon (as a being incapable of smell). The bandits pulled swords and gave the good ole "give me all your valuables". Solomon and the Bisharp barely glanced at one another, before giving their reaction.

There was ROFLstomping to be had. Solomon was NOT on the receiving end.

The Bisharp was, though in the middle of battle, very interested in the competence that Solomon displayed, as he had previously seen Solomon in all his eccentric glory. After the battle, the Bisharp revealed the reason for his extravagance: he was the chief adviser for the king of Minera himself. As Solomon had employed earth and fire in his battle, it was obvious he was a Mineran, and he was obviously competent. Before the others came to, the Bisharp offered a position for Solomon to guard the king.

Solomon accepted. After all, you don't just say no to the person who can command armies to kill you horribly, no matter how powerful you are. However, Solomon suggested that he be a secret weapons of sorts, instead of an official bodyguard. The Bisharp, remembering Solomon's eccentricities, decided to institute him as the court fool, with his capabilties unknown to the king. Solomon liked the idea, and followed.

Over the next few years, Solomon mocked everyone in the court as a profession, through insults veiled just enough through story to not cause Solomon's death (his favorite target was the Bisharp who had him hired, although the Bisharp was competent enough to avoid mockery most of the time). One day, the king had a party with a few of the nobles, including one Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th. EVERYONE who was at the party got massively drunk, except for the people staffing it (including Solomon, who was one of many entertainments). When everyone was basically passed out (and a Lopunny who was an... entertainer... went off with one of the nobles), some of the other staffers pulled blades and elemental abilities, and advanced- leering- toward the king.

Solomon stood in the way, and gave them one chance to back down. They laughed at him.

Solomon insisted that those stains came from wine. However, unbeknownst to Solomon, Ernx had enough of a tolerance to alcohol to be awake (even through the disappointment of not being the one having fun with the Lopunny), and had seen Solomon unleash an unholy storm of power.

So later, when Ernx got massively drunk, AGAIN, he came to see the king about an exploraation, and specifically requested Solomon to join. Solomon began to suspect that Ernx knew (why would he asked for the somewhat crazy court fool otherwise?), but since he wanted to go on an adventure again anyway, decided to become even more annoying than usual to the king, who became extremely glad to get Solomon out of his hair. Though Solomon did not actually expect the exploration to last more than a full 24 hours (“They’re massively drunk! How long can you expect it to last?), he is still determined to see it through.

Weapons: Solomon does not wield typical weapons like swords or spears (although he is competent enough when he uses his psychic powers: not a master, but alright). Instead he wields needles of two calibers: one kind is made of the Thunderbolt Iron and covered in toxins enough to drop a Mamoswine (with reclaiming made easy via psychic abilities); the other is made of what appears to be ordinary steel, but that Solomon can make burst into flame at a moment’s notice (he prefers to use these in numbers, when he wants to cause big booms).

Other: Solomon's gem will occasionally become cloudy and he will make sound as direct speech, as opposed to his normal telepathy. His voice will be much harsher while this happens and he will be generally saying something that could be applied to the distant future of the Pokémon world (a la prophecy). He will have no memory of this while and after it happens, though.
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