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Character Name: Sir Kuduz Valion
Pokémon: Simisage
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades
Character Description: Kuduz is a Simisage, of course. Simisage are known for their fierce tails, weapons that can be as effective as many more and then some. Kuduz's deviation from Simisage is a pair of reclusive traits: not only does he have a tail not larger in comparison to other Simisage, but also thornier (that is a word, I checked), especially the tip. It could kill most Lurra that don't have any particular defensive traits or armor in one direct hit at full force. Combine this with a physique that is the result of full-body armor conditioning, and harsh, intense training in preparation for everything from simple one-man skirmishes to all-out warfare, and you have one physically intimidating Lurra.

He wears moderately heavy infantry armor, and it being Minieran, it's designed for as much flexibility as possible while still granting as much protection as the standard full-plate armor. It's half-chain half-plate, the plates covering much of his upper body (especially critical parts) and around his head, and forming a belt to connect with his leggings, but otherwise made of chain mail to provide flexibility. It's only actually patterned around the plate on his heart: the symbol of Miniera was carved there. Outside of that, it is very plain armor, and could almost be mistaken for being a bad attempt to make the armor of the common Minieran soldier, a case far, very far from the truth. He has more casual clothes (a brown traveling tunic), but considering what he's doing right now, he's currently wearing this more often, in case of sudden attack.

He wears a necklace (the same chain as the average chain mail), and on it a ring: the family ring. Made of jade and encrusted with a single, very rare jewel, a diamond of sorts that sported a rainbow of colors and shifts it's colors in many lights (it is not a clear one-it definitely has shading to it), but it is mostly green-ish in its coloring. Nobody he’s met so far has had the gall to touch it. It’s the last memory of his family as a whole, and that aside, it’s valuable well beyond the norm. Even his new ‘leader’ Sir Zivinci had to comment on the rarity. Kuduz believes that either his father was an idiot and bought that for pretty much everything he had, or else he found it but couldn’t sell it, so he gave it to his mother. What he does know of it is that it was a gift to the father from the mother.

Character History: He was born to an impoverished family of Miniera, the 9th and final son. His eldest two brothers had already gone away to live vastly different lives as merchants, and he never met them. His father was aging and sick, and his mother always cared for him, but she was what bore and loved her eight sons and sole daughter, and made this known whenever she wasn't tending to her husband. She didn't have the time to truly raise the family, so the third-eldest sibling, his brother Hexin, and his fourth-eldest sibling, his sister Leita, were his mother and father for all that it mattered. They weren't the best role models: The fact aside that Simisage are violent by their very nature, Hexin was a thief who had to steal to support the family under his parent's noses (but his other siblings were quite aware) and Leita had such a bad temper that even by Simisage standards she was considered absolutely, impossibly violent, almost sociopathic. He saw a few brothers of his get attacked brutally (even Hexin), but Kuduz managed to keep out of her mind before local authorities finally took her to a mental institution to 'fix' the anger. It didn't work and she had to be put down, but the Valion family did not miss her very much. Hexin, despite his still angry disposition, was still pretty much the only role model the rest of his surviving siblings were attached to. It broke the whole family's heart to one day hear news that one of his thieving operations went bad and he was captured. The execution was one that Kuduz did not see, but when he heard the news, well, that rightfully threw a convoluted mass of emotions at him he couldn't really express until he broke down crying.

The remainder of his siblings got some relief when the father died and the mother got full attention to them, but they were completely on their own when the mother caught the sickness the father had. They resorted, like Hexin, to thievery, but the three surviving elder brothers Kuduz knew of did not live-they chose the same building to rob and were caught. Kuduz made more mistakes than his three brothers by an individual comparison, them picking the same house aside, but ultimately was the only survivor, and the rest of his siblings were executed for being caught. Kuduz made a few more rounds before a local group of thieves found out and took him in, baiting him with the cure for his mother's sickness in exchange for his talents. Kuduz considered her the only valuable thing left-it was all he fought for at this point-and the Pansage accepted the offer, unaware that the thieves did not have the cure whatsoever and never would bother to seek it out of their own accord. Nevertheless, he worked with them, developing quite a talent for it as well, managing his skills with some level of intellect despite his natural Minieran talents better used for a more brute-force approach. In time, he even started enjoying it: He managed to keep from physically hurting anyone in question, and he shouldn’t feel bad about taking things from those that had stuff to spare, right? He didn’t feel attached to anyone in the gang, but being able to supply for his mother-and the thought of obtaining the cure to her disease-was enough for him.

…But then, a little while after his thirteenth birthday (the minimal age most Lurra that could and that Kuduz knew of evolved with stones-but he didn’t have the proper evolutionary stone of his own, so this was unimportant), when the illness took a critical turn and his mother was very close to dying. Kuduz, at this point having stolen a good deal of things for the gang-including several pieces of jewelry-now asked for the cure they promised him a few years ago. They said they had lost it a few months but would look for it, but after a few days of this, Kuduz knew they did not have it and never did and never would go and get it for him. You can imagine that was not a fun realization. He was, at this point, quite furious at the state of affairs going on, but continued stealing all the same so that they did not feel the need to dispose of him.

Then his mother died, just a few weeks after the revelation that Kuduz had been working for a cure that didn’t exist. He came home, found her heart had stopped, buried her in the woods (like he had enough money to get an actual funeral), and was crying the whole way. What little he had of the family 'fortune' was now his. The only thing of value was his ring-made of jade and a very rare diamond they found once, having a rainbow of colors in it but mostly greenish. Many believed it a forgery, so he himself couldn’t sell it, but he kept it regardless.

May it NEVER be said that what he did next wasn't nasty retribution for the gang of thieves. Being the only surviving member of the family he knew of, he was touring the streets the following day after his mother’s death-unassuming-when he saw them. The Knights. Specifically, Knights under the service of the Minieran King. They were big. Powerful. Strong. Intimidating. And most importantly, they were awe-inspiring, to the Pansage that usually had very, very little. Even in his teenage years, he was in complete awe at the display. He'd never seen such a powerful force of authority-his mother and Hexin were authority figures without doubt, but they definitely weren't this...Imposing. Leading them was a member similar to his species: A Simipour. She sent word to the townsfolk that they were rooting out the gang members that the Pansage just so happened to belong to. The others weren't there that moment, and had they been, they’d probably have ratted out Kuduz. Kuduz was smart enough to know that they would given the chance-and considering his position, why wouldn’t they? The Pansage, infuriated by the thieves having lied to him and heartbroken by the loss of his entire family, and thinking that this could be his chance to finally have any fortune whatsoever for the family he planned on having (his two eldest brothers that he never met had long been forgotten and), split every last name and detail possible to the Knights, returned every stolen good he could, and pledged service to the knights.

The combined bounty of the thieves he turned in to the Minieran government was enough to lift the Pansage out of poverty, and the Lurra was immediately taken into training as a Page. It was particularly brutal and furious, considering that most start out much earlier (The age of six), but having that source of food and water, free and fresh from disease, was enough that despite the fact that Pages over twice as young as he was were capable of besting him (thanks to no experience whatsoever, Minieran skill aside), he advanced quickly and became a Squire, despite still being above the average age. He trained and trained and trained, and albeit the most action he ever got was sparring amongst his fellows, he was not only completely changed, but happy about it. The Thieves’ life prior was almost entirely forgotten. As far as he was concerned, this was the life he would have and he had no alternative he could take at this point. He took the Knight's code of honor like an absolute law and refused to even slightly bend it. The Simipour that was the head of the knights in his region was no mothering figure, and nor had this kind of occurrence be a unique and unheard-of one, and neither did Kuduz seem of the stuff of the Knights that went on to nobility or take the throne, but she was nevertheless one of the few authority figures he had and complied with her orders unqestioningly. For two years, this went on. He got a gift from a friend and fellow squire on his seventeenth birthday-a Leaf Stone, allowing him to evolve into a Simisage. The reclusive traits that barely showed as a Pansage had became fully noticeable and fully powerful-though this was little concern to the Simipour that trained him or the rest of the Knights. There were many kinds of Lurra that went through their numbers, all unique yet all quite unremarkable.

Meanwhile, the head of Kuduz's prior thievery gang-for future reference a Hitmontop-left to rot in prison, was training too. Building up muscle and proving his worth in fights with other Lurra in the jails whenever possible, developing his technique and strength, waiting to exact revenge on the Lurra that betrayed him to the prison cells. It was dead-on obvious he was driven strictly by revenge and the thought of freedom. He would (attempt to) have his revenge. He eventually got the chance.

Three months prior to Kuduz becoming a Knight, the head of the thievery gang, after over four long years in prison, broke out and headed to the place where the pages and squires trained into Knighthood, where he believed held the answers to where Kuduz was (unaware that he was a Squire training there), in the dead of night. A much stronger Lurra than prior, he was still stealthy as well, killing the first few guards without raising alarms. However, even when detected later, his strength (and abuse of the code of Honor) overcame them. Among those roused to defend from the sudden intruder was the Simipour that had mentored the Squires and Kuduz himself. Despite Kuduz’s evolution, he knew his foe from anywhere. The Simipour fought the thief first, and the thief killed her like the others, making Kuduz boil in rage. However, after years of Knight's training, he suppressed the brunt of it.

He does not remember the events in full-he wished to completely forget the traces of his past-but before the head thief attacked, he called out Kuduz for abandoning him (completely ignoring that he had betrayed Kuduz's trust) and tried to compare the two of them, though Kuduz promptly ignored the Thief. The fight began, and albeit the foe he faced was wily and strong, Kuduz got the better of him and subdued him. The same day, he and the surviving Squires and Knights buried the dead, including his mentor, in quiet respect. The thief was sent back to jail and executed a week later.

He was knighted, and Kuduz remembers the day well. He was assigned to be under the command of the officer of the navy in one of Miniera’s port towns. However, it was peacetime for Miniera on the Old Continent-the battles were being waged in Kibou. The Noble, moreover, albeit not hearing of Kuduz’s questionable past, had known that he had only trained four years. The Noble trusted Kuduz to guard the town, and albeit a few groups of bandits showed up, they were easily dispatched, few and far between, and Kuduz was privately annoyed at the fact he had not been asked to do anything of more importance. It was definitely important to protect the town, but he personally would have liked to protect Miniera’s interests in Kibou, and help them win over that land, his gift to them for changing his life. Nevertheless, he never so much as uttered a word of his disappointment. He would be absolutely loyal to his Noble.

Then, one day, a Drunken Dewott, fumbling his speech badly, had came up to Kuduz and muttered something about needing a Letter of Marque from the Noble Kuduz worked for. When said Noble finally arrived, the Dewott had managed to (however poorly) tell that another noble, Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th, had bought a pair of boats and was planning on going to Kibou. The Noble mulled it over-Ernx was a political ally to him-and finally thought of a way Kuduz would be useful. He could think of no better way to see if the Knight was of any worth than keeping some semblance of Minieran authority on the ship? He ordered Kuduz to fall under the command of Ernx and serve as both protection and authority. Kuduz did not refuse (why would he), and delivered the Letter of Marque to the now-sober Privateers under the name of the Skythunder Blades. He was accepted into the group with little hassle.

Weapons: Aside from that tail that could probably beat most of his foes single-handedly? He wields a one-handed War Axe from the Meteor Set. He has his own Steel one from the Royal Minieran Armory (it’s unmarked), but he uses this anyways. Who is he to not accept a gift from a Noble he is currently under?

Other: Years of Knight’s Training has helped to suppress his anger greatly, and usually appears a well-tempered and happy fellow, but he had never had the full of it, and he can still be angered, it just takes a while. If you tip him over the edge (which will take a long while), it’ll take an equally long time for him to calm down.

I have another incoming, NES2, but with both SUs one post would become too large. Also, I feel like I could have done better on the histories.
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