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Default Re: Short Story of the Bi-Week #1 (THEME: APOLOGIES)

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
I don't understand what you just said nor understand why such a statement would offend me. :B Why does WAR kill writers? *Oblivious* Was the judging harsh, or have the writer's tired out? :P
WAR seemed to tire a lot of the writers I know out. I know personally, as fun as it was, I'm so sick of writing for deadlines right now it isn't funny. Having to worry about getting my entry done in any amount of time and wondering how good it would be really bothered me, and I (along with at least of other of the WAR writers) have a chaptered fanfiction I'd like to get back to working on that's been neglected for most of my summer and school to get ready for. It's nice just being able to not have to crank out a story based on a theme within a time limit anymore, though, provided I can get my brain to work out more details, I might get something up for this.

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