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Default Re: Voice Acting

Hmm... Do you think the script would make much sense without the video? I think most of it was show-casing the world BW2 takes place in :o

But whoa, English dubs just made more sense to me xD I wonder... Well, I guess we could give it a shot, and see where it gets us xD
“You know there’s this magical thing called a shower, right?”
I'm not sure what that line's from, but it made me laugh xD Nice demo, though! :D Hmm... this is a hard choice xD I that sarcastic tone you used in one of those lines would be fitting for the Team Plasma Grunt, or maybe even Mei :D

LoL, she would, wouldn't she? Grace, what do ya say? :D

Oh, and k_pop! I found your demo on the Voice Index thread--I think I might like ya to do Bianca's voice, if you're up for it. ^^ I do like the energy that the original VA put into her lines, (but I might edit the line to make it flow better and it's possible because the "camera"'s not even focused on her lips there xD) and I think your voice would match up nicely! ^^

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