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Default Tyrannosaurus vs Kabuto -- Tyrannosaurus wins by DQ.

Single battle, 3 Pokemon each.
DQ: 2 Days, I'm very impatient.
Damage cap: 50
Restrictions: No OHKOs and no items.
What makes this arena so unique is what all deserts lack but is are highly improbable to different areas.
What makes a desert arena so unique is its lack of rainfall. In this arena there is an automatic sandstorm brew. This sandstorm is very effective for rock, steel and ground types as they receive a +2 SPDefence stat. Where as every other Pokemon on the field that is not rock, steel or ground type loses 6 HP at the end of every turn.
Now like I said in the beginning this arena is unique. What also makes this arena unique apart from the automatic sandstorm is that after every 2 rounds, the sandstorm stops and it starts to get sunny. Now this sun is absolutely distressing for a certain type of pokemon.
Water types; water types it cuts their attack by 0.5(half).
Ice types; ice types are known to be able to freeze pokemon but not when the suns out, no pokemon can be frozen when ever the suns is out.
Thats about it.

OPEN referee
I start by sending out Larvesta.

Ability: Flame Body.
Obtained: Starter
Sig move
Non yet.

Okay, Larvesta we're going to Use String shot and follow it up with a flame wheel.
String shot ~ Flame wheel

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