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Default 2012 Summer Auction/Lottery

2012 Summer Auction/Lottery

Welcome to the Summer Auction and Lottery Event. Those of you that have been around for a fair amount of time have seen these in action and participated. For those that havenít, let me give you an idea of how this will work. Basically, you need to save up as much money as possible, and show up at the appointed date and time, itís that simple.

As for the particulars, there will be two different portions this event: the Auction and the Lottery. If you wish to participate the first thing you will need to do is sign up to take part in one or both of the Lottery events if you wish.

The first Lottery event is fairly simple and straight forward. Simply post in the designated thread that you wish to sign up and at the end of the festivities a winner will be rolled from among those that signed up and their prize will be a Pokemon Egg. If you are the winner you most post in the thread within twenty-four hours to claim your prize, otherwise the runner-up will get the prize. Once you post, the egg will hatch.

The second lottery is a low stakes chance. Hereís how it works: post in the thread that you wish to participate and you deduct $500 from your stats. You will then be entered into a pool along with all the others. At the end a winner will be rolled and the person will receive half of the money put into the pool. You most post to claim your other prize or the runner up will receive it.

The Auction sounds exactly what it is: an Auction. Show up at the designated chat room on AIM to participate in the blind auction. There will be prizes from the sections that include, among other things, Pokemon. Because it is a blind auction you will not know exactly what the prize is, but hints will be provided to give you something to think about if you want to bid.


1) If a bid is put forth that is the bid, it may not be retracted. If you are found to have placed an illegal bid that you canít pay for, then your prize will be forfeited and you will pay a hefty fine.

2) You may win a prize with a Pokemon only once. If a prize doesnít have a Pokemon in it then you can still bid, but you are only allowed one Pokemon.

3) No chatting outside of the placing of bids. We all know this can get annoying, so a separate place will be put up for people to talk about the auction, but without bugging those that only want to place bids. You will get a warning, but if you continue then you will be booted.

4) No cheating to get money. I know you all want money, but get it legally. If the Staff sees a sudden jump in 2v2s or basics to get money then you will be banned from the auction.

At the end of the Auction myself or another Staff member will post in the thread with all the prizes and winners. If you won a prize then post in the thread deducting the money from your stats and claim your prizes.

The Event will take place on August 12th at 12:00pm pacific time (GMT-8)
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