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Default Re: Short Story of the Bi-Week #1 (THEME: APOLOGIES)

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
...No offense, but WAR killed a few of those writers. XD
I don't understand what you just said nor understand why such a statement would offend me. :B Why does WAR kill writers? *Oblivious* Was the judging harsh, or have the writer's tired out? :P

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Haha, such is the cost of WAR, but I'm really glad you extended the deadline. I am working on something for this, but I want to focus on my entry for the Keldeo theme ^^
Well, the only other thing I could do would be to post up another theme, but that seemed pointless when we had a perfectly good one right here. :v Great, I looked forward to your entries! :)

I've also revoked the rule about forbidding discussion in the contest thread; it was unnecessary and these posts highlighted that. :P

If needs be I'll contribute to these competitions if activity is poor, but that won't be until I get a new computer.

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