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Default [FW] The Skythunder Blades [PE2K]

Skythunder Blades

Have you ever had those kinds of nights when you just go out with friends, go to a bar, get drunk, and come up with this crazy idea, and when you become consious and sober again, you find yourself in some ridiculous predicament?

Yhea, we were
made because of that. No, really.

You see, a lot of Lurra-poor and/or eager for an adventure, but definately lacking the cash to go alone-were in a bar one night, in our home nation of Miniera, when someone told us of a story of a magical item that makes those who have it irrisistable to the opposite gender hidden within this Continent on the other side of the ocean, Kibou. Among the intoxicated that heard this just so happened to be a Noble. Said noble, in this intoxicated state, sold his rather pricey house and almost everything in it, bought two ships, and rallied several Lurra in the bar up, and finding the name of Skythunder Blades on account of his type (he was an Electric Type), and outfitted the lot of us with these weapons that came from a rock from outer space. No, really, the Meteor-made weapons actually exist, though there weren't a whole lot, but that's beside the point. The rest of us either bought supplies for our adventure into Kibou (at least we were thinking of what we would need, even then), or got more Lurra hungry for treasure in on it. All while drunk.

When we finally got sober again, well...We realized that we had pretty much spent out almost all of our money. We were lucky enough that we got everything we needed for that long of a journey, and rallied Lurra that weren't going to wind up drunken fools that easily. We were also lucky enough that all we needed then was the permission of our kingdom. Despite the fact we managed this all in a single, ridiculous night, and all while drunk (that didn't escape them), they gave it to us-we'd get a cut of the loot for any ship we take out of commission and any treasure we wound up finding.

So...Well, yhea, that's that. All you need to know is we've got weapons from a meteor and we drink loads of rum. We're out for big treasure, particuarily that artifact from...where was it...Zigilua! Yhea, Zigilua. Anyway, we want that one. Apparently, another rumor is you need six other really powerful artifacts to get at it-why, I don't know. Look, it's a rumor! Rumors aren't always very specific, now are they?

Look, if you're here to join, feel free. You'll get a cut of the loot, some fame and fortune if you're lucky, and maybe one of those other artifacts if you're really good and prove yourself. We may have been drunken before, but we've got a system of command and we're all actually good at fighting, so don't worry-you've got good Lurra surrounding you. And regardless of all that, we've got rum. Rum! What's not to love?

...Yhea. The above was just for story.

Anyways, we're the first PE2K group for this Forum War, so I see no need to tell you that, first and foremost, only PE2K members here. GTS+, Serebii, look elseware.

Second off, we would like to remind those joining that the Forum Wars as a whole is a fun competition. However, despite the silliness of the faction in general (I mean, what's not silly about getting all that together on the basis of a ridiculous rumor and Rum?!), I would remind you all that there are rules of the Forum Wars and all that.

  1. Please follow all PE2K rules. ALL OF THEM.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No flaming
  4. No trolling.
  5. Please be active. Some degree of activity in the group and RP is a nice thing.
  6. I'm sharing leadership duties with Narphoenix. He can accept or deny you just like I can.
  7. Have fun!
  8. Please have enough fun that having it repeated twice is justifiable!

Our members:
Latio-Nytro (Bada** Class!)
narphoenix (Patron of Insanity)
EVO 2 (The Master)
White Knight (The Obligatory Asian)
Sheepat (King of Sheep)
Metal Gear Snivy (Sort of Savvy)
Grassy Aggron (Insane and Evil Author)

Sign-Up Forms:
Name: Duh. Your Username, or whatever you want to be called. Savvy?
Title: In parenthases at the top, this is changable at any time. Really, this is just for fun. Feel free to be title-less.
Color: The color of your name. Again, just for fun. Changable at any time.
Experience: Just tell us your level of RPing experaince. Newbies are just as welcome as metaphorical RPing gods.
The Avatar is from 5TailedDemonLizard!

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