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Default Make your own 6th generation region

I had a great idea that I want to work out that every body can do:

Make your own 6th generation region.

How to:

1.Locate your region.
2.What does it look like?
3.Make cities and towns in order.
4.Detail what the cities look like.
5.Make locations for legendaries. (as many as you want)
6.Describe the special thing about the region.

7.Create stories for legendaries.
8.Create the villians. (you can use older ones)
9.Who joins your journey
10.Put gyms in your region

This is my idea:

1.Its located at the right of Sinnoh
2.It looks like a upside down dome of stone.
3.Start town in dark path (its a secret cave next to turnback cave)
Second city outside dark path gym1: new Plasma type
Third city in a big forest gym2: grass type
Fourth town on a small field with new cat pokemon farm
Fifth city floating on big lake gym3: water type
Sixth city in the shadow of a big dome spike gym4: ghost/dark type
Seventh city biggest city with big clock tower gym5: metal type
Eighth city on stone platform coverd with snow gym6: ice/electric type
Ninth town in a hole underground
Tenth city on the side of a volcano gym7: poison/rock type
Eleventh city ON the magma of the volcano gym8: fire type

5. Ground type legendary in rising sand castle in a desert
He trapped himself in there cause there where sandstorms everywhere, and as he
buried himself with the sand

Psychic type legendary in the big clock tower.
He helps Dialga by keeping the time line correct.

Rock/Fire type deep in the volcano.
The poor guy once fell in the volcano but had enough power to turn in a stone statue
before it hitted the lava.

The legendary Fish pokemon.
All three water type, one is metal, one is poison and one is pshychic.
They are metaphores for: You should be careful what you do with the environment
because it can cause destroying effects.

Flying type legendary at the highest peak of the dome.
He sits there so he can see what is going wrong, so he can fly there to help.

Ice/Fire type legendary in a secret cave.
He controls the temperature.

(I still want to ad more legendaries, if you have a good idea for one, I will ask your
permision to use it)

8. The villians are Team chaos. (no not from Sonic)
They are trying the steal legendary pokemon, so disasters will strike.

9. Your friend on your journey is......Roark from Sinnoh.
You also come from Sinnoh and you will start your training at a complete other region.

Hope you all make a region cause it was really fun to do!

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