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Default Re: Time machine in Black and White?

I now go further in my theory:

What could the posabilities be of having a Time Machine?

The humans of pokemon could just catch all the new pokemons of regions that don't exist yet.

Or maybe have a little break with Dialga in the Time universe.

You even could use new pokemon attacks by cloning your pokemon.(just send your pokemon to the exact same moment a couple of times) And that would cause a big cloning war.

Nobody needs Celebi anymore. (forever alone)

In the wrong hands the machine lets Team Galactic, Aqua, Magma, Rocket or Plasma take over the world.

Or more devious:Arceus gets killed before it creates pokemon which could cause the time-line to break. (One pokemon was needed to charge the machine.


But there are still some good things with a Time machine:

Meet your ancestors or your historical ideals.
Or just meet your children as grown-ups. (what the man was trying to do in the first place)

Pokemon could change forever by one man, the man that is one person that still needs to be created in real life.

One game is far ahead of us.

But that's good, the world will be destroyed if science gets to far.
*couch*glados & weathley *couch*

Think about all that I have typed for a minute, and take a breath.
Cause science gets there, sooner then you think.

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