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Default Rhythmic Gymnastics: Sport or Art?

As I am sitting here, typing this thread, I am watching an Olympic team rhythmic routine. Now, don't get me wrong here, I love dance and I love sports (especially watching gymnastics. I have mad respect for them), but I don't believe rhythmic gymnastics should be considered a sport.

I do understand that there are many sports with synchronization, such as synchronized swimming and team figure skating, but this isn't about that. This is strictly about rhythmic gymnastics.

While watching rhythmic gymnastics, it reminds me too much of dance, and not enough of gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics, in my mind, seems to be too much about the aesthetics, and not enough about the technique.

I believe that rhythmic gymnastics should not be considered a sport. I believe that this Olympic event should be replaced with a far more challenging and technique-driven form of gymnastics: tumbling.

To give you a comparison of rhythmic gymnastics vs. tumbling, here's a video of each.


I would like the opinions of others, especially if you are a gymnast. Do you believe that rhythmic gymnastics is a sport or an art, and why?

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