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Default Re: Voice Everything!

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
And Sealboy, I thought your shot was great! Personally, I'd love to hear a British Rowan. I think it would actually suit him better. *nods* Also, I love your cool ending. XD
I'm glad you thought so. This is, like, my third attempt at VA? xD So I'm glad it wasn't a total failure :D

Agreed - Rowan just looks British! xD

Yay, I'm glad you found it amusing xD

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Omg, the sound quality, Seal!!! It's soooooo much better than before! XD (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, try either listening to some of the other clips on his Tindeck or listen to my WAR VA entry--he helped out there.) Anyway, awesome job! I hope to have some other stuff to put up soon--really tempted to do Namine and Aura's conversation from Perfectionism, and possibly one of my favorite parts from Phantom of the Opera (as in the book) for fun.
Hahaha, well that's good then! I don't think the quality itself is amazing, but it'll do :P I hear a weird "SSSSSSSHHHHHHHH" in the background of my recording - is that normal? xD

You gonna get the same Mic then? Or do you have your sights on a different one now? P:

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
EDIT: Oh, and sealboy--after listening to your Axel voice-over... I really want you to do Cheren or Hugh xD (and I'm also laughing my socks off at that last little bit xD)
xD With the same voice? I'd have to tone down the cocky-ness if I were to do Cheren, but it might suit Hugh :P I'm also super glad you liked it :D

Haha, that's good then :D I like to entertain! xP

But yeah, I'm all up for the Fan-Dub idea - it's awesome. It would be a great little project for Pe2k, as well as an improvement on the current dubbing of the trailer xD Will you be taking part? :3


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