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Character Name: Richard Thompson
Pokemon: Shiny Buizel
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Rick’s outfit is fairly much designed to withstand the elements. He wears a long light gray coat, worn closed and tight. The coat goes down to his knees. Along with it, he wears a pair of worn gray pants, which are very baggy, and appear to be hand me downs. Their cuffs are permanently stained tan from trekking through mud and sand. Gray fingerless gloves cover his hands, and a crimson scarf is wrapped around his flotation sac. Finally, he has a gray wool cap on his head. His claws are very sharp, hints of a mutt lineage.
Character History: Richard is the third and youngest child born to Reese Thompson. He inherited his claws, and the ability to use Slash and Fury Swipes, from his father, who got them from his own father, a Weavile. His parents died while he was still young, and in the process his middle brother vanished. Thus, Richard set out with his eldest brother, Marco, a Floatzel.

In order to bring in some form of stable income for themselves, Marco and Richard formed the Global Mercenaries group, and started working for their kingdom. They pooled their savings and purchased a ship. Things went well for a while.

Recently, however, there was an issue during one of their routine sailings. Marco went overboard during the night, and by the time anyone noticed he was gone, the Floatzel was nowhere to be seen. By right, Richard should take the reigns as the leader of the group, but his young age has called into question his capability, and thus, the Global Mercenaries are currently without their head, and instead act as a pseudo-democracy.
Weapons: Richard makes use of a matchlock arquebus that a little aged. Like all arquebuses, it is somewhat inaccurate and better when used at close distance. Despite its aged look, it still packs a punch, capable of punching a hole clean through some Miniera armors, which speaks volumes for its effectiveness.
Other: He is 15 years old.

Just as a note, I'm not making that up. Depending on the quality of the armor and the power of the arquebus, it is quite possible to pierce even heavy calvary armor at a close range.
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