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Default Re: Voice Everything!

Omg, the sound quality, Seal!!! It's soooooo much better than before! XD (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, try either listening to some of the other clips on his Tindeck or listen to my WAR VA entry--he helped out there.) Anyway, awesome job! I hope to have some other stuff to put up soon--really tempted to do Namine and Aura's conversation from Perfectionism, and possibly one of my favorite parts from Phantom of the Opera (as in the book) for fun.

And I'm not opposed to fandubbing so long as I'm not handed a role where I'm cussing every other word. I have no clue what it is you linked to, though...sorry, parents don't like youtube very much. XD Anyway, I'm up for just about anything, as long as I'm not overly busy and have time to record.

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