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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I'm fine." Kotomi responded to Aiden with a nod as he stood beside her. "Though... I just had an encounter with Klaus." The defensiveness that arose in Aiden's expression at the mention of the ghostly Original was impossible to hide, although he said nothing as Kotomi looked at the ground before continuing. "He knows about Diana being compelled and all, so he said that if we bring him back tonight then he won't say anything about it." Kotomi then looked back up to Aiden. "And I think that he's going to help me control the aura situation as well. He said all in good time, but... I hate the thought of him helping me. Klaus is our enemy but he knows everything about the auras."

"Kotomi? Aiden? Are you guys out here?" Aiden had just opened his mouth to respond when Stefan's voice came from the front door, bringing his attention to the other Vampire.

"Over here." Kotomi answered him with a smile. "Everything is fine." Stefan gave a nod, then returning back inside."You seem a little troubled." Aiden looked back over to Kotomi as she spoke, her gaze now back on him. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything is fine..." At first Aiden started to brush his concerns away, but when he thought about it, now was the perfect time to tell Kotomi about what he had remembered earlier. "Actually, there's something I need to tell you. The girl that Kol mentioned earlier who went insane because of her ability... she was my sister." His gaze fell to the ground as he continued. "After I became a Vampire, she refused to stay away from me, and I ended up turning her. She had the same ability that you have, but by the time we discovered what it was, the darkness had already started to consume her. She killed all of our friends, some of our other family members, and would have probably killed me too if she hadn't been stopped..." He lifted his eyes back to Kotomi, the pain of the loss finally returning to him as he relived the memories. "After she died, I locked the memories away and forced myself to forget until Kol brought it up earlier."

"Get back in the tub!" Back inside, Ichiru and Kiseki had been absorbed in their own thoughts before Ashley's voice drifted down the stairs just as two wet, naked toddlers ran into the living room laughing with Ashley right behind them. "Why must you two always run out of the tub and run around naked?" She sighed, and the twins chuckled in response.

"You should know by now that they always do this." Damon laughed.

"They're going to fall again like the last time." Ashley said as she caught Scarlet and wrapped her up in a towel that was draped over one arm. Ichiru started to get up to catch Abigail, but Stefan beat him to it, wrapping the other towel around the toddler.

"You girls are a piece of work." He said with a laugh.

"Which is why you love us." Abigail giggled.

"Shouldn't you be able to easily catch them since you're a Vampire?" Jeremy teased as Ashley motioned the two back upstairs.

"I try my best to remain human around them. The only time I use any Vampire ability in front of them is if I have no other choice." The brunette responded as she lead her children back up to the bathroom.

"Well now we know why Ichiru didn't give them a bath earlier." Kiseki joked as his brother started up the stairs as well to help Ashley in case the toddlers tried to make a run for it again. Ichiru stuck his tongue out at him in response, which used to be extremely rare for him to do. Kiseki did it back, but as Ichiru chuckled and disappeared up the stairs, he had to think once more about how much he had changed since they had last been in this town.

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