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Default Re: Velocity v Saraibre Ryu

Round 1

[Rikki] Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
100 HP
100 EG
3 Double Team clones

[Cayci] Galvantula
Ability: Compoundeyes
100 HP
100 EG
+1 Acc
Electroweb@field ~ Pin Missile/Struggle Bug/Faint Attack

The sounds of music and smell of paint fill the city air, blending with those of traffic and fumes. You meet in the middle of a street, one cordoned off specifically for Trainers to battle in. Sabi releases her Galvantula, which clicks out some irritation and all the sounds and bright colors, while Velocityís Zoroark revels in the city environment, even as three illusory copies fade into existence. Both are fully aware that a battle is upon them.

Cayci acts first and swiftly and most creatively. Rather than targeting her opponent specifically, she looks to the sky and from her mandibles fires a glob of energy spun into a webbed shape. As it moves it spreads in diameter, covering a significantly wider area than it started out as, and begins to fall into the battlefield to become an obstacle to overcome. Rikki, however, has other ideas. Rushing beneath the center of the web with his clones surrounding him, he throws his arms to the sides and throws up a protective force field, also much larger than normal. The webbing hits the force field rather than the ground and instantly fizzles out of existence, undone by the effects of the Protect.

Next for Rikki is the tricky part. While holding up his Protect, he focuses even more of his energy into protection, siphoning off a very small sliver of his life force into creating yet another duplicate of himself in a very familiar process. The newest Rikki, while perfectly identical to the others in every way, moves autonomously, and with only one purpose, protecting the original. Finally Rikki is able to drop his arms allowing the field to fade. Almost as soon as this happens Cayci takes her opportunity, vanishing in the blink of an eye. Unseen by Rikki, she reappears on the side of a building behind him, and dashes forward with incredible speed, her heavy legs drawn back to swing. They strike through the first clone like it isnít there and keep going, erasing a second from existence as well. The third swing strikes true and swipes at the real Rikki, but before it can make contact the Substitute appears between them like lightning, taking the hit himself and costing Cayci her momentum. This allows Rikki and his clone to jump back. Now, however, Cayciís excellent eyes can easily keep track of which is real and which is fake, barring some serious trickery.

End of Round

[Rikki] Zoroark
Ability: Illusion
99 HP
83 EG
1 Double Team clone

[Cayci] Galvantula
Ability: Compoundeyes
100 HP
84 EG

Electroweb: EG -6; blocked by Protect.
Faint Attack: EG-8; Substitute destroyed; real Rikki identified

Protect+Substitute@1: Combination effects, Substitute gains priority for second action, Protect treated as lasting 1.5 turns. Protect covered a wider area than normal, for an additional 50% energy. EG-17 (Protect 8+4 for combo+4 for area+Substitute 1). HP-1.

Subjective rulings: Faint Attackís ability to ignore accuracy rolls is such that if it struck a Double Team clone, it would move on and attack the next, treated as the same attack. On targeting the real Rikki, the Substitute came in and took the damage for him, preventing the remaining clone from being disrupted.
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