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Default Re: The Hunger Games [SU/DS] (SUs closed for now)

okay, everything is updated now.

@Kaioo: all four characters and accepted

@Phantasm.Angel: your one character is accepted and the other is still on reserved

@Brainiac: your character is accepted

@DarkAmethyst: your newest character is accepted

here is my last character SU

Name: Matt Wilson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
What District you're in: Thirteen

Personality: Matt is very loyal to his family and any close friends he has, not caring who he would have to kill to protect them. He is defiant and stupidly brave, though Matt never gives in. Matt can unleash another side of him however, a side that convinces people he is not completely sane, as he becomes enraged and snaps at the smallest things. Determined to win, he does everything he can to achieve his goal. Matt is bloodthirsty and he does not care who he kills in the process, whose lives are spent, as long as he comes out alive. He will show however compassion and humanity when it comes to the people he cares deeply about.

Despite his deadly nature, Matt has a very seductive side as well when it comes to girls, using them for his own entertainment. Girls are simply attracted to him like flies on a light, which is one of the things he loves. Matt can pretty much get any girl he wants, though when he starts to get tired of her he pretty much dumps her aside and strikes the next pretty girl that crosses his path. Matt is definitely a womanizer, which is one of his favorite qualities about himself.

History: Matt grew up in a rather poor part of District Thirteen with only his father, Matt never meeting his mother due to her dying giving birth to Matt. He had almost lost his life as well, though he had survived. After the years had past Matt had gotten a part-time job after school to work in the factory at age eleven with his father, the factory producing nuclear weapons. When Matt was sixteen however he finally realized that he needed to work at the factory a lot more often then just part-time since him and his father were hardly getting by, Matt deciding to drop out of school and work full time.

On the two days Matt had off of work however he disciplined his body by doing harsh workouts, knowing that each year for the Reaping that his name could get called and wanted to be ready for the Games. Matt secretly trained with weights, all sorts of different weapons, researched how to survive in the wild with any weather climate and even went as far as to discipline his lungs by making himself stay underwater for at least three minutes. Matt had watched the Games on live television for as long as he could remember, hoping that we would never have to go through that. The only person who knows about Matt's secret training is his father, and even though his father is proud of his son, he hope as well that Matt will never have to enter the Games.

the SUs will be closed now except for the people who have been put on the reserved list. the reason why i closed the SUs with still available character spaces left is because we're going to need characters that we all can control for the arena, meaning that they would most likely die first before our characters. for anyone else who would like to join the rp however send me a private message and we'll talk about it. i would like to start the rp sometime next week, perhaps next Monday which allows everyone with characters on reserve to have exactly a week to get their characters finished

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