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Default Re: Rachel's Summer Graphics Shop! ~

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
I'm in a very British mood :D

Type: Banner please :3
Size: Medium (or if you think it'll look better bigger or smaller, go ahead xD)
Image: Clicky - could you just use the lion's head please? Feel free to resize it, play with it, add effects - whatever you want that makes it look cool :D
Colour Scheme: Hehehe: Red, White and Blue please :P
Text: "A Lion's roar is the mightiest of them all" - could you possibly have it in a small-ish font, but then the exact same sentence in bigger font behind it with a bit of transparency? Like a shadow or something. Feel free to use whatever font you think is cool and where the text should go :D Also, if you feel some letters should be capitalised, go for it. Just make it look aweshum xD Not sure on what colour the text should be - go with what you feel suits it best, maybe a light-ish colour? xP
Extra: Pfft, just have fun with it. xD If I've failed to explain anything, lemme know :3
Thank you so much - I love your work! :D

Well I made zis ~

But who knows if that's ok!
Tell me if it needs changing!
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