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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

“How is he?” she asked a little lighter than she would like have liked.

The psychic pokémon blinked furiously, applying pressure to each blink in some kind of effort to wake herself up and banish the tiredness. “Yes,” she muttered. However, she took a moment to realise she hadn’t answered properly and fixed her words. “He’s tired.”

Tarla knew she was talking about herself, but the statement could be applied to him as well, given the effort he exerted and the damage he sustained. “How injured is he? Will he...?” She restrained from using any word that would relate to death for her friend’s sake, but even in her sleepy state, she picked up on the hidden implication and gave a somewhat bewildered expression of shock and disgust.

“He’s going to live,” she exclaimed, more of a demand than the result of an analysis.

“We need to treat some of those wounds,” Tarla explained carefully, her voice steady as she looked the kirlia in the eyes. She could clearly see that she was not herself. She acknowledged Derino’s presence behind her, watching his looming shadow cast itself partway onto Etire.

“I can’t...heal him,” the kirlia forced out, her jaw lazy but quite stiff.

“Nobody asked you to heal him,” she responded gently, taking a breath. “Rentana, you need to sleep. You can’t keep yourself awake; you’ll drop as soon as we start moving.” The opposing pokémon just stared at something past the altaria, her expression pained and reluctant, as if she were angry and about to burst into tears. She rocked, her body tilting forward and her head following in little jerks as she tried to control it, correcting her balance if she leaned too much. As a result she was constantly moving, and Tarla knew that she was not going to be able to keep it up for any longer.

“No,” she firmly responded through gritted teeth, her lips parting in a sneer. “I can’t fall...asleep.”

The altaria closed her eyes momentarily to take a breath, but opened them again once realising that the kirlia may have thought it an act to encourage the same action. “It’s okay if you sleep. Just look at you. You can’t keep your eyes open for more than three seconds at a time. Your head’s drooping like a wilted flower.” She glanced up to the granbull beside her, a serious expression still etched into his brow. “If you do sleep, Derino will have no problem carrying you over his shoulder and Etire over the other. He’s strong; he can handle it.”

She could see that the kirlia was reluctant and nearly tried arguing again, but was clearly unable to devise an appropriate response that would help her position at all. Tarla knew that she was sensible and would likely adhere to what was practical, as she usually did.

After helping the psychic type up, she remained on the tips of her toes, as all kirlia did, and tried to maintain her balance. Tarla placed her head under Etire’s and raised it, angling him up as she supported his upper back. The granbull took a pace and lifted the pokémon onto his left shoulder with relative ease, appearing unburdened as he turned around and began to make his way back down the path they had taken to arrive.

The flying type turned to Rentana, who looked to be somewhat more alert, and double-checked that she was alright before watching her pace with specific concentration. Tarla took to the skies in a single aimed stroke of her two wings and launching herself skyward and began to glance about. She could clearly see their battlefield from above, which looked like quite a small space, and realised that it wasn’t actually all that large, as she had already concluded while still on the ground anyway.

She ascended, the wind aiding her rise, and soon she became high enough to see the majority of land for leagues to come, although not at all in detail. The path that her fellow colony members were going to take was certainly the right one. She felt herself shiver with relief at the thought of her friends, if they too deemed her such, finally being on the correct path. The fact that they had ignored her before was not only frustrating, but frightening, and she genuinely hoped they would trust her enough to listen in the future.

From above she watched as Derino, clearly taking the lead, came to a halt. She had no cause to question his actions as she saw a figure in front of him, one that had appeared from nowhere. She felt her heart begin to beat a little faster again. She neared the scene, noticing that it was a diglett. All fear subsided, and she smiled with newfound relief, questioning herself with amusement as to how she could have found that something to be worried about. She noticed a few more pop up, but knew they would be no match for her, Derino and Rentana. She didn’t bet on the kirlia being able to fight, but even so, two stronger pokémon could easily outmatch those puny diglett.

Nearing the ground, the flying type aimed for the top of one of the cliff walls to the side of her colony mates. She perched on the right one, surveying the scene only a few metres before her from above. The diglett disappeared and she gave a satisfied smile, but was suddenly shocked when Rentana tripped up and fell, remaining on the ground. She fluttered down behind her, her back to the area in which her drowsiness had started, and nudged her a few times, concluding that she had finally given in to sleep. She assumed that it was because she could relax once she knew Etire was safe, as her protection of him had been her reason to keep herself awake in the first place.

“Derino,” she began with a small amount of amusement in her tone, “Rentana’s collapsed with sleepiness.”

The granbull whirled around, at first a fairly reasonable expression upon his hardened face. In a moment of confusion, Tarla frowned as the normal type’s expression morphed into one of complete alarm, his brow making way for large eyes. The altaria had never seen him so expressive, and was about to question him when she heard something behind her. She froze, then whirled around, only to see something dangerously close before it slammed into her body. A small horn drove itself into her somewhere as the rest of her was carried backwards, thankfully missing the unconscious Rentana. Tarla was unable to do a thing, her body having completely locked up with the impossibility of movement as she was driven through the pass.

Derino was quick to brace himself as he dipped his shoulder and rested the krinar against one of the rock walls, and suddenly was unsure what to do. He could easily have stopped the charging rhyhorn had the altaria not been glued to his front, but because she was there was nowhere he could grab. He was forced to step aside as the pokémon raced blindly through, and trusted the bird pokémon to save herself as he spotted, with increasing urgency, the kirlia’s unconscious body under the curious stare of a geodude.

He unleashed a bark-like roar, the viciousness from his maw rippling to those around him before he charged forward and tensed his arm muscles in preparation for an ice punch, the crystals already forming on his paw as he felt the sting of significantly unfamiliar coldness spread through his veins.

The geodude was startled and hopped out the way, another two sending boulders Derino’s way. He made an effort to duck, and although one soared over his head, one tripped him up and sent him tumbling across the ground, only to get up again in a roll and strike the ground beside the kirlia. The floor frosted over, the ice hardening immediately as the backsplash of pointed stalagmite-like icicles sprung up in a few directions, creating a miniature wall, or at least a warning for those who neared. The increasing group of waking pokémon began to pile up at the entrance to the path marked by the two surrounding walls that closed them in, dismissing themselves from the battlefield to form a building army.

Derino’s anxiety helped sculpt the thought that they were completely and totally outmatched. He had no idea how they were going to overcome these pokémon’s forces, and on top of that, he didn’t know how he was going to be able to protect the two unconscious psychic types. His mind ticked, the time to think up possibilities fleeting as more ground and rock types began to bleed onto the path.

Thinking up something quickly, the granbull braced himself and focused for a mere moment, feeling his muscles harden once again as he angled himself behind the kirlia, so she and the small ice wall were between him and the wild pokémon, and struck the wall with uncontrolled force from his angle, launching boulders and smaller rocks their way as they broke from the wall upon contact.

He knew that they wouldn’t cause any damage, but took the distraction as a chance for him to gather more iciness in his arm, quickly grasping the kirlia’s arms and dragging her as far away from them as he could in a short space of time, before racing back and aiming to plunge his fist at the rock types in a direct attack. He understood that creating a wall of ice that would stop them, or even slow them down for a significant period, would take an ice type’s experience, but that clearly wasn’t an option for him, and he figured that, ice type or not, he was able to manipulate an element that his enemies were weak to. He wasn’t going to waste that opportunity.

The rhyhorn continued to charge, the pain repeating itself as Tarla was still being carried along, and she realise just how far it was from the next wall, the one that marked the end of the path as it stretched further and then bent to the left, in the direction she had originally intended to go, and the beast was stupid enough not to turn and pin her against one of the side walls.

Using this to her advantage, she began to screech, and then gathered herself to sing a shaky and wrongly-pitched lullaby once again. The rhyhorn grunted in protest and, clearly choosing the release of his prisoner over falling asleep again, shook her free, slowing to a stop before whirling around. By that time, the altaria had already taken wing, and she hovered in the air before a rock narrowly missed her, whizzing past. She frowned and descended, avoiding the pokémon’s continuous stream of rocks. The dual type felt a little distressed as she launched a dragonbreath attack in the rock type’s face, and she could see that she was not fond of it whatsoever.

Before she could give her time to react, she took wing again and quickly made her way to Derino, who was heavily outmatched as he struggled to drive them back at all. They were level with the ice wall, and a geodude began to smash the icicles. The dragon and flying type soared through the air, levelling her neck and sneering with disgust before she dove down. Some of the rock types notified others of her presence as they began firing things at her, and she beat the air, jolting to one side as a rock missed her by only a feather. The rest were relatively aimless, giving her the time and space she needed to unleash a dragonbreath upon the entire crowd as she passed from the front. She ensured that she hit the pokémon closest to Derino and Rentana with the brunt of the attack before powering over the rest of them, showering them with crackling energy mixed with the spores that, as she had hoped, began to paralyse some of them. She wheeled around and fired another weaker stream from the back of the group, noticing that there were still three or so unconscious with sleep in their previous battlefield, hoping they were not going to stir anytime soon.

As she rained the crowd with her dragon type attack, she felt the tiniest bit of isolated apprehension before she cried out in pain and descended quicker than she could work to save herself, tumbling mercilessly against a rocky surface. She tumbled for a number of metres before coming to a halt, picking herself heavily from the ground as she noticed the rhyhorn from before, the only one that had gotten past Derino and now came from the other side, booming as she thundered toward her.

The granbull felt entirely defenceless as more pokémon pushed, firing dirty boulders and hefty stones his way. His blocking mechanism was wearing off, his forearms beginning to ache and bleed with the scrapes and indents that the hardened earth had created when he braced them in front of him in a cross, and his ice attacks were only getting weaker. His urgency was flaring to a nearly unbearable level; his only comfort, if it was that at all, was knowing that some of the opposing pokémon had become paralysed, even if it was only two at the front and a few more scattered loosely throughout the rest of the mob. The thought was not at all calming, and he only found himself gritting his teeth with fear as he had no idea what to do.

A shout from behind alerted him to the rhyhorn who reached down with his head and bucked the altaria up, tossing her to the wall on Derino’s left as he faced them, somewhere near where Etire was resting, and continued to advance with weighty steps that hit the ground and caused it to throb lightly in her wake. The granbull knew he had let his guard down from behind, but needed not concern himself as he avoided the rock and ground pokémon’s assault. Derino panted hard in light of his exertions and hurried to collect Rentana, watching as his enemy neared the crowd. The rhyhorn whirled around, coming in contact with them as she released a battle cry before, without stopping, leading her pokémon’s assault. They all cheered and roared in return, and Derino shook his head, feeling every muscle in his body ache from what he had sustained and what he had dealt. His lungs were groaning with a need for more air, his throat drying faster than he could wet it with the futile efforts of swallowing saliva.

He rushed to Tarla, who was against the ground, and delivered a short kick to jumpstart her. Although she frowned and cringed in pain, she quickly hopped up and, realising they only had a collection of seconds to formulate some sort of plan, Derino shouted, “Carry them out of here!”

She agreed and, not mentioning she could only carry one at once in her talons, grabbed Etire, who was against the wall nearby, and spread her wings. She felt momentary doubt for a reason she could not fathom before she dragged her wings down with deliberate force, and it was then that she realised what the doubt was.

A crippling pain roared through her wing, and, shocked, she immediately screamed, her distress vocally projected as sharp jagged spikes which soared through the air into all ears of those who were in range. Derino spun around with horror at the mere sound of her cry and witnessed her uselessness as she leaned on one side, all her weight on one outstretched wing before she could adjust herself and remain upright, and allowed the other wing to hang as she bellowed with pain.

“Fly!” demanded the normal type and Tarla threw him a look of exaggerated disdain, eyes wide with disgust and emanating waves of discomfort and hurt.

“I can’t!” she shouted and he growled with increasing frustration. Without Tarla’s wings, there was no way they could get the others or himself to safety. She couldn’t even save herself.

With a grunt he began to break into a run, looking over his shoulder to see the flying type, dangerously close to the mob of nearing pokémon, clamp her small beak around the psychic and fighting type’s arm where it was thinnest, and began to hop after him. She flapped one wing frantically to propel herself forward, still taken by the pain of the other as she was forced to tuck in so it didn’t slow her. She blundered after him, the pokémon being dragged by her side scuffing over stones as they went, until their path was suddenly obstructed by clustered brown bodies.

The altaria cursed aloud as the diglett and dugtrio, clearly enraged, blocked their path and popped from the side walls. Tarla had heard of territorial, but these pokémon were just overdoing it. “Stop!” she called, dropping what part of Etire she had been able to keep off the ground. “Why are you doing this?”

The rock and ground types spilled around them, some charging through and clashing with Derino’s arms as they went past. He held Rentana firmly over his shoulder, unwilling to allow harm to come to her in an unconscious state.

“Does territory not speak as well to you as it does to us?” boomed a rhyhorn, the one who had been at the fore of the crowd and who had attacked Tarla.

“What do you mean?” she responded, her wings puffing up as she ruffled the feathers downing her body.

“Is it not clear?” yelled another, his voice gravelly and clearly unimpressed.

“You desecrate our land and try to tear it down. Your means of tunnelling are not accepted by the diglett!” the rhyhorn responded, and by the sounds of things, she was the leader.

“We weren’t tunnelling,” grumbled Derino, the arm that didn’t hold Rentana over his shoulder tensing with a balled fist.

“That is your other problem,” hissed the rhyhorn, taking steady, clunky steps around them. They watched her cautiously, still trying to keep watch of the other pokémon. “You destroy our habitat for no innocent reason.” She narrowed her eyes as she came to a halt, then walked a few paces toward Tarla. “We know who you are.”

“We were trying to make a path!” Derino exclaimed, and the altaria shook her head.

“No, that krinar was trying to make a path. I had no part in it. I told them to go the other way and they didn’t listen.”

“You are all guilty!” thundered the rhyhorn. “And I, Thunderquake, will see to it that justice serves you well.” She released a shriek of combat and the crowd began to charge forward, the diglett and dugtrio on the other side doing the same.

Tarla and Derino, back to back as they stood guard in their own defence, stiffened as the attack neared. “Derino, I don’t know what to do. My dragonbreath attack is the only ranged attack I have, and that won’t stop them. It won’t even make them flinch.”

The granbull said nothing as his great jaws pressed together, his lips jerking to make way for bared teeth. The rhyhorn and geodude powered closer, the former crunching their paws against the earth in a flurry of stamps and thuds, the diglett and dugtrio from the other direction tunnelling through the ground and spattering dirt in flecks.

The pressure of the situation began to well inside the altaria and she pressed her beak together, deciding against it and separating it, then closing it again, and repeated the process. She felt shivers burst at the top of her neck and shudder throughout the rest of her body, her talons curling, trying to dig into the ground. Her heartbeat was faster than it had been when she was attacked by that skarmory, her chattering body not eligible to stop anytime soon as she continued to shake. They were so close that she could almost cry from the pain of their sharp horns, bulky bodies and powerful determination. She was trapped.

Without warning, Thunderquake, leading the attack, suddenly lit up with alarm, the rocky ground around her instantly caving with less than a few steps to provoke its degradation. Tarla gasped, the realisation coming to her as the ground collapsed further back, where more of them were, and each shrieked as they tumbled down below, the process happening in the blink of an eye and yet somehow slow.

Continued in the next post...
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