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Default Re: The Hunger Games [SU/DS]

Name: Indigo Tsubaki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

What District you're in: District 3

Appearance: Link

Indigo is Five feet, three inches tall and weighs a healthy 115 pounds (162 cm, 53 kg). She has pale skin, gray eyes, and black hair that is always messy.

She cares very little for appearances, and has deplorable fashion sense. Her choice in clothing is more focused on function than form, usually simple and practical. She never wears a sleeve on her left arm, and has ruined many shirts by tearing the left sleeve off before consenting to wear them.

Personality: Indigo is a mechanic. She has a compelling drive to understand the way things work. She is good at logical analysis, and likes to use it on practical concerns. Although she has strong powers of reasoning, sheís not interested in theories or concepts unless she sees a practical application. She takes things apart to see the way they work.

She tends to avoid making judgments based on personal values - she feels that judgments and decisions should be made impartially, based on facts. She is not very aware of how she is affecting others. She often does not even pay attention to her own feelings, distrusting or trying to ignore them because she has difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments.

Although she is usually patient, she is prone to occasional emotional outbursts due to her inattention to her own feelings.

Beneath her mask of logic and facts, however, lies a girl with a strong sense of moral values. She is loyal, and will always choose what she believes is right, even if it goes against the Ďsystemí. However, because of the distant first impression she gives, she has a hard time making friends.

History: At least two to three well typed paragraphs please.

Indigo has always been a bit absentminded. Everyone just let her alone because of who her father was. Her dad, Akira Tsubaki, is the head of the genetic research division responsible for engineering all the creatures used in the Hunger Games. Her mother, Mikoto, had been the leading pioneer in the robotics industry before her death in an industrial accident when Indigo was 13.

Indigo still remembers the day her mother died. She had been there, helping her mother with her latest project when an experimental cold-fusion battery had become unstable and exploded. The blast was contained by the cell designed to store the technology precisely because it was dangerous, however, the tremor from the explosion knocked a prototype mini-sub from its supports, and it fell on Indigo and her mother.

Indigo was nearly crushed beneath the machine, but her mother saved Indigoís life by pushing her away at the last instance, sacrificing her own life to save her daughter. In spite of her motherís sacrifice, Indigoís left arm was pinned beneath the submarine, and she lost a lot of blood before they could get her out of there and treat her.

In order to saver her life, her father, who was at the facility also, working on a joint project with her mother, installed their prototype biomechanical prosthetic technology to replace her left arm. The arm was designed to function as naturally as could be produced, with one major difference: It had the capability of producing and manipulating small electromagnetic fields. The purpose of the arm was to allow soldiers receiving replacement limbs the ability to scale sheer surfaces using magnetic pull instead of handholds.

Having only one hand with this ability, her arm isnít really much more useful than a regular arm except for when hanging in place. The only other abilities her arm grants her is the ability to temporarily disrupt machines, and the ability to throw things that are metal harder than she could with her physical strength alone by using magnetic propulsion. The magnetism is too imprecise to be useful for any delicate electrical work, so she almost never uses it.

After her motherís death, Indigo became vengeful of her former career choice to follow in her motherís footsteps, blaming her motherís death on her work. She started learning about her fatherís work, and found that she had a natural affinity for communicating with and controlling the creatures that her father created in his work.

As she made friends with the animals, she grew ever more distant from people in general. She rarely talks with anyone aside from her father, preferring to communicate electronically, or simply staring vacantly ahead without seeming to notice anything at all.

She has never really given the Hunger Games much thought. Though her fatherís work involves them, they have never really held much immediacy in her life and she has never had much interest in the games themselves.

RP sample: Shredded Sacred Bonds
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