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Smile What is your favourite Sinnoh pokemon?

I really wonder what other poeples favourite Pokemon of the Sinnoh region is.
Because I got superficial friend that choose infernape, but as soon as HG and SS came out Typhlosion was their all time favourite, and then Ho-oH.

So I ONLY want to know your fav pokemon that came out in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
And don't put all legendaries in it, only one!

This is MY list:

Starter: Piplup evolution line (I luuuuuv penguins)
Water, Fire and Grass: Piplup evolution line
Ground, Rock, Steel and Fight: Bonsly (Soooo cute)
Psychic, Dark, Ghost and Poison: Rotom (Mysterious Old Ghost man and Ghost girl)
Bug, Flying, Ice and Electric: Burmy (Sooooo cute)
Dragon: Gible evolution line
Legendary: Dialga ftw

Hope you like it and don't think about how strong your choice is.
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