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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

This is such a good idea.

Gym: Oreday town gym

Type: *New* plasma type

Gym type: Choose the right way

Gym leader: Chris

Gym trainers:

Veteran Samson


Rotom lvl 17

Ditto lvl 19
Rotom lvl 20

Reward: 300 pokedollars

Youngster Timo


Grimer lvl 16

Solosis lvl 18

Duosion lvl 20

Reward: 350 pokedollars



Swalot lvl 21

Ditto lvl 15

Grimer lvl 17

Reward: 400 pokedollars

Gym leader Chris (on gym roof)


Muk lvl 21

Rotom Fan lvl 23

Dittuo lvl 24

Reuniclus lvl 23

Swalot lvl 25

Reward: 2000 pokedollars,
Tm 2 Plasma sludge,
Plasma badge

I hope the images all appeared.

And i hope you all like it