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Default Re: A formulation of a new language?

I'm not a Stargate fan (hell, I don't even know what Stargate is), but based on this Vocabulary I could probably come up with quite a few more words:

Khalys :: Literally, Bringer of Wisdom; really, teacher ("Kha" has been used to mean Path, Bringer or Focuser, all of which have some relation to bringing something from one place to another, "Alys" has been used to mean wisdom)

Kharil :: He who gives Sanctuary (We have accepted "Kha" as Bringer, and "Alys" as wisdom; if Alys'aril means "Sanctuary of wisdom" "'aril" would mean Sanctuary. The word would be "Kha'aril", but to ease pronounciation (I think; I don't know how the apostrophe is pronounced), it has been simplified to "Kharil".)

Can't think of anything else right now.
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